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1910 Handmade silver plate bronze, unique piece


Exclusive bronze bowl crafted using earth casting mold and silver in 2007 with pure silver. Made with patterns in relief in edge and interior. Background with a party scene in the paintings tavern “Die Tanzstunde” (dancing class) Dutch Golden Age master Jan Steen (1626-1679).

1915 Pocket Watch Corgémont Watch silver of Peron


Excellent and beautiful example of pocket watch Swiss Watch brand Corgémont, 875 sterling silver, made circa 1915. Personal Gift of Pilar Franco (brother of the then Head of State Francisco Franco Spanish) to the President of Argentina, Juan Domingo Peron, He sent in 1947, with personal dedication to Buenos Aires through the Ambassador of Spain in Argentina.

1930 Brooch and pendant


Elegant and beautiful brooch made entirely by hand in silver base plated platinum thread lanyard around the whole piece 18k gold lady figure carved in stone. Circa 1930.