Original and reproduced engravings

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Artistic and Monumental Spain, Genaro Perez Villa-Amil (Box edition) (+G)


Case with 52 loose sheets (ready for framing if your desire) Facsimile quality belonging to the most representative monuments and views of the “Artistic and Monumental Spain” Genaro Perez Villa-Amil. This work is a title of paramount importance for any lover of art, architecture and history of nineteenth-century Spain.


Goya: graphic work collection, luxury librarian edition

6.000,00 2.400,00

Complete collection of the graphic work of Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828), in a set of extraordinary and beautiful editions of great luxury bibliophile, composed of the following works (which you can also find individually in our web shop):


Goya: La Tauromaquia, graphic work

1.500,00 750,00

Collection of 40 engravings etched in etching. Beautiful edition of 2009 in Madrid of the graphic work of Francisco de Goya known as La Tauromaquia. 33 engravings numbered from 1 to 33 and 7 numbered with the letters A – G.

Goya: The bulls of Bordeaux, s. XIX


The magnificent lithographs of 1825, presented here in a beautiful and extraordinary facsimile edition, such as Los Toros de Bordeaux, are preceded by a long career dedicated to graphic art.

Hermogenes Pardos, Hippocratic Oath, original recorded


Hippocratic Oath: engraved with the Hippocratic Original text of more than 2,500 years old. From the Greek text and collating all investigations conducted so far, the renowned Hellenist, CSIC researcher, Maria Dolores Lara, provides a polished translation that collects all the nuances of the Ethics Code, dealing with various aspects of the art medical and behavioral doctor.