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Chart World Atlas, Aguilar, 1981, new

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Chart World Atlas published by Aguilar in 1981. 504 pages. Size 26 x 41 cm. Bound in hardcover cloth lined with dust jacket. Edition print. ISBN 84-03-42136-2.

Comments to the Apocalypse of Beatus of Liebana


1995 edition of a book that the publishing house Moleiro dedicated to the study of the Apocalypse of Beato de Liébana. Very illustrated, those referring to the work of Beato are miniatures of the Blessed Fernando I and Doña Sancha, National Library of Spain.

Egypt in 1000 photos


Spanish 2005 edition of the book photo album on Egypt. Large format 23.5 x 31.3 cm. 128 thousand pages with illustrations. Hardcover with jacket.

Great Battles, 2 minibooks


2 mini books on Great Battles: The Battle of Poltava and Site and fall of Constantinople. Pages 200 and 198. 5 x 6.5 cm format. Illustrated. Edited by Roche in 1974. Hardcover publishing red skin.