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Chivalric medieval themed 3D box


Belonging to a collection box 3 boxes medieval chivalric theme 3D or relief, with hooks for hanging or for embedding within the wall. Wooden frames with glass.

Collection Coins and Banknotes in Málaga History


Banknotes and coins in the history of Malaga is an exclusive collection that daily La Opinion de Málaga offered its readers for 81 days from 25 May 1999. A historical document of high value to the general public discovers part of the Malaga history (and Spain in general) through the coins and notes, always witnesses of time.

Collection Kings of Spain in pure silver medals


Exceptional collection, a must for every good collector, composed of 19 pure silver medals 1000/000, proof finish (glossy / matte), 32 mm., 13.10 g. and contrasts with the noble metal used, which reflects the history of the Spanish monarchy from the Catholic Monarchs to King Don Juan Carlos I.

Lot of 3 Boxes of Fairy


Lot consists of 3 different boxes with lids beautiful tale, made with top quality resins and finished in bronze and polychrome by hand, one by one.

Malaga Guilds (I), 13 silver medals, 1996


First collection of 13 silver medals, Association of Guilds of Holy Week in Malaga, 75th Anniversary commemorative medals. A unique and limited collection made for 3 years in 3 sets of medals. Illustrations of Angel Idígoras.