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1466 Cosmographia Ptolemy, Atlas Borso d’Este


The Ptolemaic tradition, codified in the Greek manuscripts, was discovered in the fifteenth century when in Florence, intellectual and artistic capital, scientific and cartographic search said the era of great geographical discoveries was developed.


1475 Atlas and cosmography of Ptolemy

4.500,00 2.250,00

The manuscript of the University of Valencia (size: 44.1 x 30.5 cm) is of unique beauty, consisting of 216 pages useful, except the 104, two columns and 57 lines. The material used is vellum. Letter of the fifteenth century with miniadas borders in gold and colors, with an angel holding hollow crown to shield capital letters in gold and color, red titles and claims ten leaves.


1502 The Charter of Cantino, world map (facsimile)

1.500,00 1.125,00

Cantino Charter is unanimously regarded as the most beautiful world map of the early Renaissance. In it the recent discovery of America plasma. It was lit in Portugal in 1502, shortly after the voyages of Columbus and Vespucci, six rolls combined for a total of 220 x 105 cm.

1525 Castiglioni Planisphere


The World Map Castiglioni is a great menu, prepared by a total of four rolls that make total dimensions of 214 x 81.5 cm. In the original title, the first adjective indicates the description of the world that he had in 1525 and according to the particular technique used by the cartographer.


1547 Atlas Vallard

4.300,00 3.225,00

Bella facsimile edition of the editorial Moleiro 2010, based on the original kept at The Huntington Library, San Marino (California).

1593 Atlas Luis Lazarus


The Atlas Luis Lazarus at hand thanks to this beautiful facsimile reproduction. The Atlas of Lazaro Luis, made in 1593, is one of the most important cartographic documents of the sixteenth century.


1634 Atlas of Pedro Texeira

5.980,00 4.784,00

The Atlas of Pedro Texeira is unanimously considered as the most important mapping project of the seventeenth century, and at the same time, one of the atlas of greater value and beauty of the history of Spain.

Atlas Miller, 1519


Facsimile edition of the Moleiro publishing house made in 2004 known as Atlas Miller, whose original from 1519 is preserved in the National Library of France.

Atlas of Oliva, year 1580


A facsimile reproduction of the work of Juan Riczo, made in Naples and dated 1580. It contains 19 double-page maps of 31 x 46 cm magnificently drawn on parchment, which develop the geographical knowledge of the time.


Compendium Geographicum, Texeira, c. 1660

2.112,00 1.500,00

This is the case of this edition in facsimile, the cartography of the coasts of Spain raised, by royal order, from 1622, which was believed lost, and which is partly found in this rich manuscript of the Carolina Library of the University of Uppsala (Sweden) since 1824.

Jacques Devaulx. Nautical Works, s. XVI


This edition presents the sumptuous manuscript Les premières œuvres by Jacques Devaulx, pilote en la marine (First works by Jacques Devaulx, naval pilot), published in 1583. A masterpiece of the history of maritime navigation, the 31 folios overflowing with meticulous details they combine nautical, astronomical and cartographic aspects…


Le Petit Ptolemy, XV century (5*)

11.480,00 5.740,00

This facsimile is part of the Spectacular Library.
The Cosmography of Claudio Ptolemy is an extraordinary and luxurious facsimile of the only Ptolemy in an easy to handle size, made with all its splendor and beauty, known as “Le Petit Ptolomeo”.