Collection of all facsimiles of Blessed of Liebana illuminated, the most important series of medieval manuscripts between the ninth and thirteenth centuries

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Apocalypse 1313, year 1313 (BNF)

6.700,00 4.020,00

Signed and dated in 1313 by its illuminator, Colin Chadelve, this Apocalypse is a unique creation, as it seems designed to meet the demands of his principal. The manuscript contains a unique set of images, both for its abundance and the quality of the painting technique. This codex gathers the most extensive iconographic cycle Revelation of the Middle Ages.

Apocalypse of Paris, c. 1250


Facsimile edition of the original manuscript of the thirteenth century known as the Apocalypse of Paris, because it is preserved in the National Library of France (number Ms. Français 403).

Beatus of Liebana codex Lorvao, year 1189


The Beatus Lorvao codex is preserved in the National Archives of the Torre do Tombo (signature Cod. 160), in Lisbon (Portugal). This corresponds to a Portuguese Blessed manuscript of the year 1189, by Aegean in the monastery of San Mamede de Lorvao.


Beatus of Liebana codex Manchester, s. XII

7.200,00 4.320,00

Original guarded at The John Rylands Library of Manchester since 1901. Ms. Lat. 8. Blessed Manchester went from Spain to France in 1869, auctioned in Paris with other books in the collection of the Marquis of Astorga and Count of Altamira.


Beatus of Liebana Codex Monastery of Las Huelgas, 1220 (5*)

6.800,00 4.964,00

This facsimile is part of the Spectacular Library.
The Beatus of Liébana codex of the Monastery of Las Huelgas, is the largest of all the existing manuscripts of Blessed (size of the page: 36.4 x 52 cm) It is a spectacular work! A 5 stars in every great Library!


Beatus of Liebana codex of Corsini, s. XII

3.220,00 2.576,00

The Beatus codex Corsini, is the smallest of all the blessed. Your membership in the celebrated series of the Blessed of Liébana and its unique format makes him great delight any collector.


Beatus of Liebana codex of El Burgo de Osma, 1086

4.500,00 3.150,00

Beatus of Burgo de Osma, as recorded in various parts of the codex was written by the cleric Pedro and illustrated by Martino in 1086. There architectures with floral decorations that are Hellenistic. Other, Romanesque and Carolingian, lacking traditional indigenous. The illuminator has a classic artist, a contemporary Western aesthetics.

Beatus of Liebana codex of El Escorial, X century *****


This facsimile is part of the Spectacular Library.
Full facsimile edition of the Beatus of Liébana (known as Beato Escurialense) whose original is preserved in the Library of the Royal Monastery of El Escorial. It is considered one of the bibliographic gems of the Library of Felipe II.


Beatus of Liebana codex of Ferdinand I and Sancha, 1047 (Moleiro)

12.000,00 6.000,00

Beatus codex of Ferdinand I and Doña Sancha in 1994 facsimile edition of the Moleiro publisher. It is also known as Beato Facundo, by the author of its development. Original preserved in the National Library of Spain, signature: Ms. Vit. 14-2 dated in the year 1047.


Beatus of Liebana codex of Gerona, 975 (Edilan)

5.000,00 2.500,00

Full Edition: Book facsimile and study in Spanish. This facsimile edition of the codex Beatus Gerona corresponds to that made in 1975 (the anniversary of the 10 centuries after the creation of this great work) by Edilán, exhausted already for years and one of the most sought Blessed.