Incunables, books printed before the year 1500. Selection of the best facsimile editions of incunabula, European jewels of the birth of the printing press.

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1467 Meditationes, Juan de Torquemada

750,00 300,00

Facsimile edition in 1998 the incunabula of 1467: Meditationes (Meditations) written by Juan de Torquemada. Original in the National Library of Spain. Written in Latin and printed in Rome in 1467, with color illustrations.


1493 Liber Chronicarum *****+

7.300,00 4.380,00

This facsimile belongs to the Spectacular Great Luxury Library.
Liber Chronicarum, History of the World from the Creation until 1492. Printed in Nuremberg in 1493. The incunabula of the incunabula.


1494 Of the illustrious women romance, Boccaccio

900,00 450,00

Facsimile of incunabula published in 1494 in Zaragoza under the title of “the clear, excellent and famous Damas”, the work of Giovanni Boccaccio, of the illustrious women in romance (Claris mulieribus), whose original is kept in the Library Nacional of Spain. Spanish medieval texts.


1499 Compost et kalendrier des bergères

750,00 200,00

Incunable facsimile published in Paris in 1499, the original of which is preserved in the Library of the Faculty of Medicine at the Complutense University of Madrid. Heavily illustrated.

Book of Marco Polo, 13th century


Facsimile edition made in 1986 of the fantastic compendium of navigation, ethnography, commerce, oriental medicine and nautical, which will be made by the Venetian Marco Polo (1254-1324). Famous incunable of 1485.


Gutenberg Bible (Bible of 42 lines), year 1454. Incunable of Burgos

12.000,00 4.800,00

Buyers of a Gutenberg Bible did not receive identical copies, because the volumes are embellished each time differently. Therefore, although the case of a printed work, each copy of the Bible is unique, with very few complete and original of this first incunable of history specimens.