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1930 Brooch and pendant


Elegant and beautiful brooch made entirely by hand in silver base plated platinum thread lanyard around the whole piece 18k gold lady figure carved in stone. Circa 1930.

Collection of 25 stamps in silver and gold “Meeting of Two Worlds”


Between 1988 and 1991 a limited collection of postage stamps of Spain made in sterling silver plated with 22 karat gold sold. The collection, called Encounter of Two Worlds, was a preview of the celebrations of the Quincentennial of the Discovery of America. It’s a great postcard collection, philatelic and historical, very difficult today to get full value day.

Royal Values, postage stamps and banknotes Spanish silver and gold


The Royal Values, V centuries of Spanish Monarchy collection consists of 10 identical replicas of the original stamps in size and 2 tickets, front and back and never less than 65% of its original size, solid silver 999 gold plated 24K. All replicas of the stamps carry in their back recorded mark and the law collection of silver and gold employees.