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Book of Hours of Louis de Laval, XV century (5*+)

16.200,00 8.910,00

This facsimile belongs to the Spectacular Great Luxury Library.
Original fifteenth century preserved in the Department of Western Manuscripts at the National Library of France, Lat. 920, and considered as the Book of Hours spectacular of all time and certainly the most lavishly illustrated all.


Book of Hours of Louis of Orleans, year 1490 *****

4.800,00 3.360,00

This facsimile is part of the Spectacular Library.
Facsimile edition of the Moleiro publishing house corresponding to the original one kept in the National Library of Russia, Saint Petersburg (symbol: Lat. Q.v.I.126), and dated in 1490 (fifteenth century).


Les Passages d’Oultremer (The Overseas Passages), year 1474

4.950,00 2.970,00

Facsimile edition of great luxury of Passages D’Oultremer (The Passages of Ultramar), also well-known like “The Great History of the Crusades”, manuscript of century XV, dated in the year 1474, and whose original one is conserved in the National Library of France, signature Fr. 5994.


Revelation figurative of the Dukes of Savoy, fifteenth century (Edilán)

3.000,00 2.000,00

Two volumes of 28 x 42.5 cm. The first, with the facsimile reproduction of the wonderful codex ms. Vit. I Library of El Escorial (Madrid), dated in the XV century, between 1428 and 1490, 49 pages of parchment vellum illustrated with 97 miniatures in French Gothic art that occupy more than a third of the box and decorated with intricate borders and drop caps, polychrome on gold leaf.

The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry


Complete, facsimile, special and customizable edition of the 15th century manuscript, “The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry”. Work illuminated by the Limbourg Brothers and by Jean Colombe, whose original codex is preserved in the Condé Museum in Chantilly, France.