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Akathistos, Greek Marian hymn, s. XV

1.500,00 1.050,00

Facsimile edition in 1981 under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Sofia, the first hymn to the Virgin contained in a codex, with the generic title of poems in praise of the Virgin, is preserved in the Library of El Escorial. XV century.

Albeldense codex, 976, El Escorial gem! *****


This facsimile is part of the Spectacular Library.
The Albeldense codex is one of the most precious jewels of El Escorial, is the so-called Codex Conciliorum Albeldensis seu Vigilanus, which entered the Library by generous donation from the Count of Buendía to Felipe II.

Beatus of Liebana codex of El Escorial, X century *****


This facsimile is part of the Spectacular Library.
Full facsimile edition of the Beatus of Liébana (known as Beato Escurialense) whose original is preserved in the Library of the Royal Monastery of El Escorial. It is considered one of the bibliographic gems of the Library of Felipe II.

Book of Hours by Gerard David, s. XV


The facsimile reproduction of this little Book of Hours, so little known but of great importance because it contains 15 full-page miniatures, has been attributed to the great Flemish master Gerard David (1460-1523).

Book of Hours of Charles V (coronation), s. XVI


Book of Hours of the trip of Carlos V to be crowned Emperor. Among the handwritten jewels that are displayed in the windows of the Library of El Escorial, the number 13 contains a book of hours of Charles V of an exceptional quality, from the sixteenth century, and which is now offered in this article the wonderful edition Facsimile that took place in 2003.


Book of Hours of Philip II, year 1568, Escorial

4.950,00 2.475,00

Officiorum Missarum et Liber, better known as the Book of Hours of Philip II of Royal Monastery of El Escorial is considered by many scholars as the most beautiful manuscript of the world to the most powerful monarch and as the richest and feature work done on your desktop where it is stored in your Library.

Book of Hours of Zuniga, s. XV


During the fifteenth century, the Castilian nobility, in imitation of monarchs Juan II and Isabel the Catholic, is fond of good books and form great libraries, which can be paradigm the Marquis de Santillana. the House of Zúñiga also stressed in his love of books, especially the one who was Master of the Military Order of Alcantara, Don Juan de Zuniga,


Book profits of animals, Arabic codex, 1354

3.000,00 2.100,00

Bella facsimile edition of one of the most interesting Arab codices of the Royal Library of El Escorial: The Book of profits of animals, signature ms. Arabic 898, authored by Ibn al-Durayhim al-Mawsili.


Books chess, dice and tables Alfonso X the Wise, s. XIII

3.500,00 2.975,00

TI6 facsimile edition of the manuscript of the Library of El Escorial (Books Games Axedrez, craps tables of Alfonso X the Wise), consisting of two volumes: the first, with the faithful reproduction full color (gold included) Codex . alfonsí thirteenth century, consisting of 100 parchment sheets of 29 x 42 cm.


Cantigas of St. Maria of Alfonso X the Wise, rich codex of El Escorial, s. XIII

5.000,00 2.750,00

Monumental edition of the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X the Wise, with facsimile reproduction of the “rich” codex of the Library of El Escorial. A masterpiece of medieval European poetry. The most beautifully illustrated manuscript of the entire Spanish Middle Ages. The most complete and original songs of old folk music of the West.

Chapter of Philip II, sixteenth century


Reproduction facsimile of the 16th century Chapter of Philip II, King of Spain and Portugal, wonderful manuscript of 162 folios (23 x 33.5 cm) on high quality parchment, the last five in white. Original preserved in the Royal Library of El Escorial.

Codex Aureus Escurialensis leaves, s. XI


Set of 4 facsimiles leaves to frame the Codex Aureus (Codex Aureus Escurialensis), ready to decorate that special corner of your home or office with a picture of a handwritten work between 1033 and 1043.

Codex Aureus Escurialensis. The Gospels Imperial Salic. s. XI (5*+)


This facsimile belongs to the Spectacular Great Luxury Library.
This luxurious, beautiful and spectacular facsimile reproduction of the Golden Codex contains the Collection of the Four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and is one of the most beautiful examples of the Lorentine Library, and also one of the most singular codices of the miniature of the Carolingian era.