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Book of Hours of Vrelant, or Leonor de la Vega, c. 1468

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Bishop Diego Ramirez de Villaescusa de Haro, ambassador in Flanders, in 1498 sent the manuscript to Garcilaso de la Vega, ambassador to Rome and father of the poet of the same name. The poet Garcilaso de la Vega (his son) died still very young. As fate would have the manuscript pass into the hands of his sister, who takes his name: “These times are very illustrious Dona Leonor de la Vega Ecija..”

Book study of the Book of Hours of Leonor of Portugal (in Portuguese)


Book of art that can be considered as the complementary study book of the Book of Hours of Queen Leonor of Portugal, illuminated manuscript of the fifteenth century, also known as The Rich Hours of Vrelant, masterpiece of the Grisaille miniature (grisaille technique), whose original is preserved in the National Library of Portugal, sign. Il. 165.