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Book four courtesans diseases, 1544


1544 facsimile of the original printed in Toledo and written by Dr. Luis Lobera de Ávila, which is preserved in the Library of the Complutense University of Madrid, preceded by a study by Dr. Luis S. Granjel.


Book of Simple Medicines, XV century

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Le Livre des simple Médecines (The Book of simple medicines) of the National Library of Russia, in St. Petersburg, is a unique codex, not only for the beauty of its illustrations, but because it is the culmination of European medieval knowledge about the substance of the three kingdoms of nature that serve to cure or alleviate disease.


Canon Medicinae of Avicenna, 1440

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The origin of the Canon Medicinae is attributed to the Abu Ali Ibn Sina Husaya, known in the Latin Medieval Europe as Avicenna, famous surgeon and philosopher who lived between the years 980 and 1037.

Dioscorides Greco-Latin, s. XV


Original preserved in the Vatican Library, consisting of 220 pages of parchment. In his drawings are the patterns in gold stigmas of Cardinal Fabio Chigi, then Pope Alexander VII. On the back it is with the insignia “Chigiane” in gold representing a metal frame shaped garlands.


Theriaca, Nicandri Colophoni, Valencia 1552

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The 1552 edition of Valencia is a printed copy of the famous work Theriaca, the Alexandrian poet Nicander of Colophon, contains his work Theriaka devoted to bites of poisonous animals such as snakes and insects and their remedies.