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Book of Hours of Mencia de Mendoza, s. XVI (mini book)


Of all the books of hours commissioned Dona Mencia de Mendoza at least keeps one in the Valencia Institute of Don Juan in Madrid (26-III-41). The facsimile edition of this little book has 202 pages in parchment, 404 pages, written to the sheet 196, the rest are blank.

Great Battles, 2 minibooks


2 mini books on Great Battles: The Battle of Poltava and Site and fall of Constantinople. Pages 200 and 198. 5 x 6.5 cm format. Illustrated. Edited by Roche in 1974. Hardcover publishing red skin.

Lot 5 booklets, hardcover, literary works


Lot consisting of 5 mini books of many other literary works, edited in 2002 and 2003 by Planeta. Booklets format 5,3 x 6,6 cm. Easy to read despite its size. Complete works. Bound in hardcover editorial leather and gold titles. Texts in Spanish.

Odyssey, Homer (2 mini books)


2 small books from the collection of classics of world literature in reduced format. Beautiful little books bound in leather and publishing in hardcover.