1493 Historia de la Passio de N. S. Jesu-Christi en cobles. Valencia.

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Historia de la Passio de Nostre Senyor Deu Iesucrist. Contemplacio a Jesus crucifficat. Contemplacio a la Sacristissima Verge Maria tenint son fill Deu Jesus devallat de la Creu (Lo passi en cobles).

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History of the Passio de Nostre Senyor Deu Iesucrist. Contemplated Jesus crucifficat. Contemplation to the Sacristissima Verge Maria tenint son fill Deu Jesus devallat de la Creu (Lo passi en cobles).
Authors: Joan Escriva, Bernat Fenollar, Jaume Gassull, Pere Martines, Joan Moreno and Joan Rois de Corella. Valencia, 1493. Texts in Valencian.

Original preserved in the Historical Library of the University of Valencia, Signatura Inc. 304.

Facsimile edition of this incunable Valencian of 1493 made in 1996, limited, numbered and notarized.

Facsimile format 14.5 x 21.5 cm. 180 pages of excellent special purpose perforated paper. Bound in parchment and accompanied by black cardboard cover with gold anagram of the publisher, format 15 x 22 x 2.2 cm.

The facsimile has been completed with sheets l1, l2 and l5 of copy I-2113 of the National Library of Spain, and contains 130 xylographic prints.

These three works form a printed volume in Valencia, in the workshop of Pedro Hagenbach and Leonardo Hutz, 11 of January of 1493, running with the expense Jaime Vila.

This incunable Valencian is a very interesting sample of the poetic activity of the denominated Valencian School, of the second half of century XV, when one observes an evolution from a thematic and a purely feudal mentality towards other almost Renaissance, represented the latter very in particular By the aforementioned Joan Rois de Corella. The names previously mentioned and those of Jaume Gassull, Pere Martines and Joan Moreno, are present in this interesting history of Valencian poetry.

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