Anglo-Catalan Glossy Psalter (Psalterium Glosatum). With exclusive case


Copy of the facsimile edition of Editorial Moleiro, Salterio Glosado Anglo-Catalan.

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The one we offer here is a copy that has a different box-case (although better) than the original from the Editorial.

Copy of the extraordinary edition of Editorial Moleiro, Anglo-Catalan Psalter.

The study book is in perfect condition, brand new.

The facsimile is in perfect condition and with its notarial certificate.

The extraordinary box-case that we have made to conserve this beautiful codex properly, has been made in book format, in leather, ribbed spine, with a title in gold, as well as a large border on the front plane. Interior lined in high quality fabric in brown matching the color of the skin. Format 40 x 53.5 x 7 cm. The case that brought this work from the Editorial was of the open type, dust jacket, with the spine of the facsimile in sight and with this copy it came to us broken at the top. Fortunately, with the change, this beautiful facsimile gains much more.

We have another copy for sale right here, also completely new, and at the same sale price, with the original box-case that the publisher’s facsimile brings.

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