Book of Hours of Charles VIII King of France, XV century (AdC)


Book of Hours of Charles VIII King of France, s. XV (the codex of a king to them). Friends exemplary bound by Codex.

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Book of Hours of Charles VIII King of France, s. XV (the codex of a king to them). Friends exemplary bound by Codex.

The Book of Hours of Charles VIII begins with the calendar (f. 1 to 6V.) And continues with offices written in Latin with French letter (f. 7-112) and numbered in ink. The codex is abundant decoration. More than two hundred marginal borders, where on a gold background palms, fruits and flowers are screwed. In the margins there are up to 190 small miniatures interspersed with scenes from the Old and New Testaments, the life of the Virgin and, on occasion, battle scenes.

The issue of half-page miniatures usually representing a saint, St. Kitts, St. Peter, St. Paul, etc. Trinity (d. 102), the triumph of life (d. 110), and the Dance of Death (F.111) are the exception. The full-page miniatures staged moments in the life of the Holy Family, Passion and scenes from the New Testament.

The main and almost sole miniaturist of the Book of Hours of Charles VIII is Master Jacques de Besancon. The only exception would be the head of the king portrayed in the f. . 13v, which was subsequently manipulated: it is the portrait of Louis XII, although the figure of Charlemagne and the legend should do unambiguous reference to Charles VIII.

It is the most spectacular Book of Hours of the National Library of Spain and is listed as Treasury Spain.

This codex an extraordinary deluxe edition facsimile in 1995 by the publishing house Moleiro performed. On their website there is no evidence that the book study is available, and the facsimile edition is sold out for many years. In the second hand market you can find copies of this edition with a price that may be around, on average, € 5,000, of which we can also provide a copy if interested.

Facsimile offered corresponds to the edition of Friends of the Codex and part of the downloaded files from the Hispanic Digital Library of the National Library of Spain, and is based on the original kept in this public institution, it is bound in leather and with titles gold, nor detract from his older brother. It is a unique opportunity to get hold of a copy of this work at a great price.

Technical characteristics:
Handcrafted leather binding with gilt titles and nerves.
Dimensions: 16.7 x 25 cm.
Pages: 240
Paper: high-quality special
Total weight (book and box-case): 1,194 grams.
Language in which it is written Latin with some small parts in French
Year created the original: XV century
For a few days of promotion, the box-case closed for a better presentation and conservation GIVE. Format 18.5 x 27 x 3.5 cm.

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