Book of Hours of the Queen Doña Leonor de Portugal, s. XV

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Also known as “As Perfeitíssimas Hours da Rainha D. Leonor”, or “Las Ricas Horas de Vrelant”, the Book of Hours of Queen Dona Leonor de Portugal is the masterpiece of the Grisaille miniature (gray-haired technique).

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Also known as “As Perfeitíssimas Hours da Rainha D. Leonor”, or “Las Ricas Horas de Vrelant”, the Book of Hours of Queen Dona Leonor de Portugal is the masterpiece of the Grisaille miniature (gray-haired technique).

This book belongs to the third quarter of the 15th century, ca. 1470, from the workshop of Wilhelm Vrelant, Bregues, which was active between 1454 and 1482. It is called the Book of Hours of Queen Doña Leonor, wife of John II of Portugal. Considered as one of the great treasures of the National Library of Portugal. It is characterized by the extreme delicacy of the outline of marginal ornamentation, which is never repeated, in which the stylized vegetal motifs, animals, human figures and fantastic, are intertwined in great profusion by the illustrations and the dominant colors of this work: Gray, black and gold, grisaille, except for the strong blue of the sky in some scenes. That is why it is a beautiful Book of Hours rare and extremely curious in its color, a unique copy that should not be missing in its collection and Library.

The scenes are the normal ones in the books of hours: the Visitation, the announcement to the shepherds, the presentation of the Child in the temple, the slaughter of the innocents, the Last Judgment and the office of the deceased; But very different to the use for its characteristic grayish style. The treatment of the figures is perfect according to A. de Schiver’s opinion, as well as the landscape or architectural framings.

Another aspect that deserves to be highlighted is the singularity, the abundance and the narrative character of the marginal figures. They traverse their margins, full of small figures that interact among them: archers, men with sword, spear and even unarmed peasants. It also contains figures and biblical stories, mourners and scenes alluding to the life of the court, where music has a significant presence.

The codex is written in Latin, with southern Gothic lettering. Its binding reflects that of the time, in wood lined with chestnut skin, irons engraved in dry and vestiges of two closures.

The characteristics of the facsimile are the following:
Edition of codex IL.165 of the National Library of Portugal.
Bound in beautifully printed dry leather, format 13.5 x 18.5 cm. 330 pages.
Print run limited to 500 copies numbered and authenticated notarially.
Special stamping with concealment of the plot to variable points.
Special paper reproducing parchment treated and aged. Color treatment based on the original, through an extremely rigorous process of quality.
Reproduction of gold with thermo-stamping, with successive aging treatments and reliefs of sheets.
Reproduction of special decorations (burnished, punched, lacquered and satin).

It has no official study book, since the publisher did not publish it. However, we give away exclusively with this beautiful facsimile copy an extraordinary book with a fantastic and meticulous treatise made monographically on this codex, beautifully printed and bound by hand in simile red leather, ribs and golden titles on the spine, format 16 x 21.5 cm, 500 pages on laid paper, color illustrations, guide tape, texts in Portuguese.

A codex that reflects the exceptional nature of Vrelant’s artistic work and a facsimile of great quality and beauty.

Exemplary in perfect condition and unique to this exceptional price.

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