De Virginitate Sanctae Mariae: Ildefonso da Toledo, codex Parma Ildefonsus. c. 1100 *****


This facsimile is part of the Spectacular Library.
Universally known as the Codex Parma Ildefonsus, the manuscript De Virginitate Sanctae Mariae, of San Ildefonso, Father of the Church, also receives the name of Ildefonso da Toledo, as well as other variants. A 5 stars in every great Library!

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Universally known as the Codex Ildefonsus Parma, this manuscript also called Ildefonso da Toledo, and other variants. This is a handwritten copy of the Treaty Virginitate Sanctae Mariae, written by San Ildefonso, Church Father. A 5 star in every great library!

The codex was performed at the Abbey of Cluny (France) between the eleventh and twelfth centuries, dating between 1090 and 1100, and was based on a Spanish copy for Bernardo de la Sauvetat, initially a monk at Cluny and later bishop Toledo, newly freed from the infidel occupation. The codex is therefore connected to the reconquest of the Iberian peninsula.

Today the original is preserved in the Palatine Library of Parma (Italy) under the symbol Ms. Parm. 1650.

Originally created with the intention of being a single copy, the codex was used later as an iconographic model for at least another Toledo manuscript XIII century, Ms. 10087 of the National Library of Spain. The text, in Latin, is distributed in 19 lines per page letter carolina and inserted into a decorative scheme of extraordinary beauty: beautiful pictures, meanders and geometric and stylized frames with leaf motifs.

The illustrative system is exceptional in this codex by its complexity: each of the 222 pages is decorated with gold, silver and purple frames, differentiated by meandering geometric motifs and stylized leaves that include both images and writing. This extraordinary codex contains 1 Initial illustration representing San Ildefonso knees before Christ, 9 full-page illuminations, 16 half-page, 8 smaller square with busts of prophets, 8 large initials with a purple and lined by meandering geometrical and stylized frames with leaf motifs, and 28 gold initials.

On the perpetual virginity of Santa Maria against three infidels (De virginitate Sanctae Mariae against three infidels) is the main and most prized work of San Ildefonso, very caring and full of enthusiasm and style Marian devotion. The three heretics who refers are Jovinian and Elvidio, and refuted by St. Jerome, and an anonymous Jew. This leads to think that tries to refute some of his time that, perhaps by Jewish influence, revived the same mistakes. It consists of an opening prayer and 12 chapters. In the first Jovinian he defends against the virginity of Mary in the conception and delivery; the second held against Elvidio that Mary was always a virgin; from third shows that Jesus Christ is God and the life of María. It depends closely on St. Augustine and St. Isidore, and constitutes the starting point of Marian theology in Spain.

In 2010 the Italian publisher Il Bulino made an extraordinarily rich and beautiful facsimile edition of the codex Ildefonsus Parma, limited to only 499 copies, numbered and certified.

The specimen we offer, brand new and in their original packaging, include:

Facsimile binding in a beautiful carved and gilded leather, back with 2 ingots, format 17 x 24.5 cm. 224 pages with an extraordinary quality that makes us believe that we are ahead of the original manuscript. Latin texts. The facsimile carries a certificate of authenticity attached at the end.

Study paperback book with dust jacket. Texts in Italian. 17.2 x 24 cm format. 176 pages.

Certificate of authenticity with the number of copies in a separate document.

Case closed box containing the whole fabric, measures 19.5 x 26.8 x 7 cm.

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