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What is Educaedu?

Educaedu is an Internet education directory, with presence in more than 20 countries, nine different languages ​​and offices in 6 countries. On the platform, higher education centers around the world publish their academic offer with the aim of attracting new students and making them aware of the latest in training, through different types of courses.

How was Educaedu born?

In 2001, two Spanish entrepreneurs, Fernando Bacaicoa and Mikel Castaños, joined the impossibility of finding information, in one place, about an educational offer that would allow them to continue training. They observe the potential in an unexplored market and develop the opportunity in the online marketing sector -including at that time-, taking advantage of the lack of alternatives in training products.

Educaedu is born as a portal in which users have the possibility of finding, in the same place, thousands of offers of higher education and to get in touch with the universities of their interest. At the same time, institutions from different countries of the world offer their study plans, increasing the options for the entrance of future students.

Currently Educaedu has more than 140 thousand educational offers between courses, careers and postgraduate courses, in different areas and levels of deepening.

In which country does Educaedu begin its activity?

Although the company was founded in 2001 with the launch of three training websites for Spain, in 2008 it consolidated its business model with Educaedu, starting in Argentina and extending to Latin America in: Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. It quickly becomes a global brand.

In 2010, the American investment fund Great Hills Partners, becomes part of its capital, contributing to the consolidation and acceleration of its international growth.

In which countries is Educaedu present?

Currently, the company has presence in: Germany, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, United States, France, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia and Turkey.

What is the purpose of Educaedu?

To put in contact to the people that look for and wish to realize a course with the centers of study that impart it, in an easy, practical and intuitive way.
Who are the advertisers?

In Educaedu they publish centers of higher education from different countries of the world that seek to disseminate their training offer.

The institutions promote their courses by making known the contents of them and those data that they consider relevant for their potential students. The objective is that the centers can attract students and increase their number of enrollments.

What kind of training do users find in Educaedu?

Educaedu users find a varied training offer on the web of each country they enter. From Preparatory courses to Doctorates; technical, technological, professional careers; graduates and executive programs; specializations, masters and master’s degrees; workshops, seminars and certifications, among others.

Each course, regardless of the type that it is (career, master, diploma, etc.), is contained in a category of training, through which users perform the search according to their vocation and interests. For example, a person who aspires to study Nursing will find multiple options in the category of Health and Medicine; If what you want is a course in Financial Management you will find it in the Economy and Finance category.

In addition, users choose the type of training that best suits their needs, with alternatives such as: Face-to-face, Semi-presential, Online or Remote. If the election is in person, they can choose the State / Department / Province /

The information that Educaedu publishes corresponds to the educational offer that the different centers of higher education want to present to the future students on the platform. Therefore, the contents are part of the study programs of each institution.