Leaves Beatus codex of El Escorial, X century


Folder with 4 different fax to frame the Beatus of El Escorial, or Blessed Escurialense prepared to decorate that special corner of your home with an image of a manuscript work of more than 1,000 years ago leaves.

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Folder with 4 different facsimile sheets to frame the Blessed of Liebana of El Escorial, or Blessed Escurialense, prepared to decorate that special corner of your home with an image of a handwritten work of more than 1,000 years ago. The main image sheet is repeated.

In ancient times, when manuscripts codices were unique specimens, there was a bad attitude of some unscrupulous who was to detach the leaves or cut out pictures and then decorate their homes. Thanks to the new techniques of editing and printing, with those reproduced in great detail the original works, now you have the opportunity to enjoy our home without any regrets, in a small piece of these works manuscripts and historical as if part of the original were.

Leaf, edited and produced by hand on both sides, measuring 22 x 33 cms., It is attached by a small part in a thick cardboard and decorated verjurada 30 x 45 cms., Ready to frame the size you want. Folder with 4 different leaves.

The Beatus Escurialense:
The Beatus of Liebana preserved in the Library of the Monastery of El Escorial under the symbol & .II.5 (Olim III.A.4; IH1) was one of the least known of the more than 20 who survived time. It has 151 pages with 2 columns, spirilliform style, dresses and tops of wings with spiral lines, large almond eyes. The illustrations fit into small rectangles or squares, except the scenes that occupy full pages. The color intensity is atrocious, so in the funds in the figures, predominantly red and yellow. Its origin is the X century and written in Visigothic script. A joy for the eyes and the pleasure of any bibliophile!

We also have for sale the facsimile of this beautiful and important Blessed. Consult between our articles. This article consists only of the 4 facsimile sheets and a notebook with information about the work and the edition.

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