Lisle Psalter, 14th century (Studies in Spanish and German)


Lisle Psalter, or also Robert de Lisle Psalter, original manuscript from the 14th century, ca. 1310-1320, origin: Westminster (UK).

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Lisle Psalter, or also Robert de Lisle Psalter, original manuscript from the 14th century, ca. 1310-1320, origin: Westminster (UK). Facsimile edition made in 2008 in co-edition by The British Library Board, Verlag Müller und Schindler and Eikon Editores. Original preserved in the British Library, London, call number Arundel Ms. 83 II.

Numbered edition limited to 800 copies. Facsimile with a beautifully made leather binding, fully dry decorated, presented with 4 large nails on each plane. Format 24.5 x 35.5 cm. 40 pages splendidly illuminated with gold and bright colors.
Accompanied by the corresponding study book, bound in brown cloth hard cover with gold title, 24 x 35.3 cm format. 108 pages with study by Lucy Freeman Sandler. Texts in German.
Both books presented in a cardboard cover lined with light brown fabric, 25 x 37 x 6.5 cm format.

We also deliver separately and as a gift the study book in Spanish, new, sealed.

38 superbly preserved pages: a masterpiece of English Gothic splendidly decorated with altarpiece-like paintings. A wonderful Psalter commissioned by Robert de Lisle (1288-1344). It features elements of English and French Gothic architecture and evokes English altar and panel painting. The English masterpiece has patterned decorative backgrounds indicating an Islamic aesthetic influence.

The compendium of 38 continuous and illuminated pages, which is now in the British Library in London, gives an idea of ​​the unparalleled grandeur of the Psalter. Crafted in the typical English style of the High Middle Ages by great masters of the day, the Lisle Psalter (without the lost text of the Psalter) contains a considerable series of theological diagrams and allegories. The 24 miniatures and image sequences in bright colors and gold stand out in their grandeur.

The Lisle Psalter is a masterpiece of the English Gothic style. With the highly ingenious arrangement of the miniatures, the manuscript appears to have an almost lifelike appearance. Well-known elements of English and French Gothic architecture were implemented in the manuscript. This evokes the high medieval style of English altar and panel painting. The 38 surviving pages of the original Psalter are continuously animated. At the beginning is a 12-part calendar, embroidered with fine booklets and precious initials. After that follow the large-scale miniature pages: the so-called speculum theologiae, a collection of various theological diagrams. For example, there is the Tree of Life, a Bhavacakra with a calendar of the useful life of humanity and a board with the Ten Commandments. Next to them are several miniatures with scenes from the Life of Christ, in which biblical stories are set.

On these miniature pages, one can witness the full breath of the artist’s skill. On the Psalter side, credit was given to two artists: around 1310 most of the manuscript was completed by the so-called Madonna-Mistress. This person created the manuscript in the style typical of the English Gothic period. Shortly after Robert de Lisle gave the work to his daughter, the so-called Maiestas-Master, Jean Pucelle, he finished the Psalter with 5 more miniature pages in French style. The miniatures will conquer at first sight thanks to the particularly complicated shapes of the frames, which are richly varied. A multitude of different ornaments help the pictorial background scenes. The finest and most charming embellishment patterns are divided into a grid line design. They specifically point towards an Islamic influence, which spread from Spain to the rest of Europe. England’s connection to Spain at the time was through King Edward I’s wife, Eleanor of Castile. Along with the ornamentation, the tenderness of the figures, which are wonderfully modeled, impresses. Bright colors and rich gilt chiseling dictate the entire artistic design of the manuscript.

Complete copy and in perfect condition.

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