Los Caprichos of Goya, graphic work (EDP)


Great facsimile edition of Goya’s Los Caprichos carried out by the publishing house Centro Editor PDA, of Grupo Planeta, in 2006.

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Great facsimile edition of Goya’s Los Caprichos carried out by the publishing house Centro Editor PDA, of Grupo Planeta, in 2006. Work sold out in publishing house. Exceptional price, since it had a PVP of 5,000 euros. Art and bibliophile. Investment and collecting. Copy in perfect condition, unused, in its original packaging.

A collection of satirical prints that criticize the decadence of Spanish society at the end of the 18th century. Limited edition, numbered and notarized, with the facsimile reproduction of the 80 prints of the 1st edition of Los Caprichos, with the seal of the University of Zaragoza.

Facsimile reproduction of the 80 prints that make up the complete collection of Los Caprichos preserved at the University of Zaragoza, with comments written by hand by the possible owner of the collection, inspired by the original autograph writings of Goya that are preserved at the Prado Museum . The originals are reproduced, at their actual size, on larger paper, on which the number of the limited collection appears together with the seal of the University of Zaragoza, owner and custodian of this coveted collection of Caprichos, which authenticates them. Goya’s manuscripts are also reproduced, with his comments on each plate, which is preserved in the Prado Museum. Printing in four colors and varnish on Fedrigoni Corolla Book Ivory 200 g cotton paper.

Study book of 424 pages, bound in silk with dry printing and in black and a sheet of paper pasted by hand on the cover, format 23 x 32.2 cm. An approach to the artist and the collection of prints. Three great specialists recount the vicissitudes of this collection and the interpretations that have been given throughout the history of the Caprichos engravings. A brief explanation of the techniques used by Goya in his engravings is included. Presentation of the original with manuscripts from the University of Zaragoza. It is completed with comments on each print and the influences on other artists. Along with each plate, there is a reproduction of the more than 70 preparatory drawings of this series, preserved in the Prado Museum.

The reproductions of the engravings are presented inside a completely handmade case. Covered with a reproduction on printed paper and larger than the binding that Goya commissioned for the 300 copies of his first edition. In the original spine there are nerves and golden fillets, with a red tag on which the incomplete title of the work and the name of the author appear. In this work, the binding of the University of Zaragoza has been reproduced on printed paper. Format 34 x 48 x 5 cm.

The entire work is presented in a large protective case made by hand, lined with cotton fabric with a double-hinged side opening. Format 38 x 52.5 x 12.5 cm. The black stamping on the lid reproduces Capricho I, with the artist’s self-portrait. The interior is lined in black cotton fabric, and has a protective nest that houses the study book. The noble materials used ensure excellent protection and unquestionable durability.

The DVD (sealed) on the work carried out by the publisher is also delivered. This DVD is difficult to find in other second-hand copies for sale. We do not know exactly what its content is, since it is not indicated on the cover and we did not want to unseal it, but we assume that it will have additional information and videos about the engravings and the process of making the work.

Numbered edition limited to 2,988 copies, according to notarial certificate indicated on the print run justification sheet.

The Diario de Madrid of February 6, 1799 announced the release of the collection of prints that would give Goya and contemporary Spanish engraving the most name. About 300 copies were made of the first edition. Four more later, Goya gives King Carlos IV the remaining 240 copies, along with the original plates, in exchange for a pension for his son Javier. Only this first edition was made under the watchful eye of the painter. In these stamping works plate 45 suffered a scratch on the face of the central witch. Few collections are preserved without this line, including that of the University of Zaragoza. Only three copies of the first edition are preserved with the period manuscript comments, including the one from the University of Zaragoza, a copy that is reproduced in facsimile in our work.

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