Lot 5 works Splendor of the Middle Ages, Casariego, 1992-1998


Lot consisting of the 5 works from the collection of the Spanish publishing house Casariego that it published between 1992 and 1998 with Adeva: Esplendor del Medievo

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Lot consisting of the 5 works from the collection of the Spanish publishing house Casariego, which it published in Spanish between 1992 and 1998 (2 of them were subsequently reissued in the first decade of the 21st century), in co-edition with the Austrian publishing house Adeva, and which it unified under the title of “Splendor of the Middle Ages”.

Esplendor del Medievo, with a comfortable and easily manageable format, offered illuminated codices of capital importance to a broader sector of readers, without sacrificing a demanding quality of reproduction: in full color plus gold, in unabridged editions (not abridged). Important specialists in the various subjects study the various historical-artistic aspects of the work. Format 15.5 x 20 cm. Cloth binding with illustrated dust jacket.

The collection consists of the following titles:

Moralized Bible, ISBN: 9788486760274, 1992.
Codex Vindobonensis 2554, 13th century, masterpiece of French Gothic painting, with 1,039 miniatures in full color plus gold. Preface by José L. Pazos. Text by Reiner Haussherr. Translation by Víctor Martínez Lapera. 216 pages.

Book of Hours of Mary of Burgundy, ISBN: 9788486760328, 1993.
Codex Vindobonensis 1857, XV century, one of the most beautiful Flemish manuscripts with 366 illuminated pages, 64 miniatures, innumerable decorations and illuminated drop caps. Preface by Juan L. de Diego. Texts by Franz Unterkircher and Antoine de Schryver. Translators Víctor Martínez and Isabel Rodríguez. 428 pages.

The Book of the Hunt, by Gastón Phoebus, ISBN: 9788486760366, 1994.
Complete reproduction in full color plus gold, of the Ms. Fr. 616 of the National Library of France, XV century, with its 87 miniatures, 139 borders and 127 capitularies. Introduction by Alfonso de Urquijo. Iconographic notes of M. Thomas and F. Avril. Translation from French by Carmen Andrés. 457 pages.

Ancient Medicine. Four Medicine Books, ISBN: 9788486760472, 1997.
Codex Vindobonensis 93, 13th century. This manuscript collects in its more than 400 full color miniatures, the most complete medical-botanical knowledge of the European Middle Ages. Presentation of Diego Gracia. Charles H. Talbot Medical Historical Introduction. Codicological and iconographic introduction by Franz Unterkircher. Translation of the codex of Carmen Pita. 525 pages.

Speculum Humanae Salvationis, ISBN: 9788486760489, 1998.
Codex cremifanensis 243 from the Benedictine monastery in Kremsmünster, 14th century. This spiritual guide for the salvation of souls collects a compendium of medieval ethics in its 192 miniatures illuminated with vibrant red and blue colors. Preface by Juan Luis Sanz. Text by Willibrord Neumüller

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