Lot of 31 playing cards, facsimiles of 1647-1965


Lot consisting of 31 playing cards made in facsimile editions of specimens preserved in the Fournier Playing Card Museum of Alava. Specimens from all ages and from all corners of the world.

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Lot consisting of 31 decks of playing cards made in facsimile editions of the copies that are preserved in the Museum Fournier de Naipes de Álava. Exemplary from all ages and from all corners of the world.

In perfect condition, revised and new (without sealing). Different sizes. Deck titles in 6 languages ​​(Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese). Edited in 2004.

The collection includes decks from Spain, Italy, Germany, British Isles, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Mexico, USA. US, Persia and China. The oldest one dates from 1647, while the most recent is from 1965, which means that the chosen specimens represent a historical journey of 318 years.

The price indicated is for the complete lot. However, individual copies may be sold. Consult us for those you are interested in, if you do not want to purchase the complete current lot.

Updated list of decks included in the batch:

Astronomical deck. Germany, year 1719
Astronomical deck. British Isles, year 1828
Deck of the Constitution of Cadiz. Spain, year 1822
Deck of flags. France, year 1814
Deck of the Swiss cantons. Switzerland, year 1870
Deck of four continents. Spain, year 1817
Deck by Miguel Ocejo. Spain, year 1817
Deck of transformation. Germany, year 1806
Deck of transformation. British Isles, year 1860
Deck in silk fabric. France, 17th century
Spanish deck “La Campana”. Mexico, year 1868
Minchiala Spanish deck of Sicilian style. Italy, year 1830
Shuffle the Chicago World’s Fair. EE. US, year 1893
Fiorentina Adami. Italy, year 1850
Florentine deck. Italy, 1920
Folkloric deck. Hungary, year 1965
Historical deck First Crusade. Belgium, circa 1875
Imperial deck. France, year 1860
Deck Uncle Tom’s cabin. EE. US, year 1825
Oval deck. Germany, circa 1860
Deck for Piacentina. Italy, year 1884
Painted deck. Portugal, circa 1860
Political deck. Spain, year 1872
Monmouth Rebellion Deck. British Isles, year 1685
Baraja Revolution. British Isles, year 1689
Sevillian deck. Spain, year 1647
Baraja Valenciana. Spain, year 1778
Game As Nas. Persia, 19th century
Game of the English monarchy. British Isles, 20th century
Game of the coats of arms of the Marquess of Brianville. France, year 1686
Game Lotto Ollandese. Italy, around 1800

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