Lot with 24 titles from the Fantasy collection by Martínez Roca (1985-1998)


Lot currently made up of 24 titles from the Fantasy collection (the best fantasy novels and stories) that the Martínez Roca publishing house published between

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Lot currently made up of 24 titles from the Fantasy collection (the best fantasy novels and stories) that the Martínez Roca publishing house published between 1985 and 1998, all of them in perfect condition. Texts in Spanish.

10 of the 24 books contain 2 small round rubber stamps of their first owner (indicated in relation to *), and one of the 10 also has a stamp Ex Libris (indicated in relation to **).

Paperback bound with illustrated soft covers.

The indicated price is for the complete lot, as indicated below. Single copies can be sold but not those that are part of a novelistic cycle, although the complete cycle can. There are 8 single works and 4 cycles of novels with 2, 2, 5 and 7 titles. Contact us if you are interested in some single titles or cycles and not in the current complete lot.

In 1985, Editorial Martínez Roca brought out a collection of novels focused on heroic fantasy or the fantastic genre in general, although at that time it was known more as swords and sorcery. Some of the works of big names such as Tanith Lee, Michael Moorcock, Terry Pratchett, Fritz Leiber, Robert E. Howard, L. Sprague De Camp, and Robert Jordan were published in the collection. Within the collection they created a subseries only with Conan the Barbarian titles, the quintessential hero of the genre, and in this case the spine was blue instead of yellow. The collection was made up in total, including works about Conan, 67 titles.

The current list of the lot is made up of the following numbers and books:

1, Volkhavaar: Slaves of Magic, Tanith Lee, 1985, ISBN: 9788427009585*
2, Swords and Demons (Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser I), Fritz Leiber, 1985, ISBN: 9788427009592*
5, Dilvish, the Accursed (Dilvish, the Accursed I), Roger Zelazny, 1985, ISBN: 9788427009936*
7, The White Stag (The Island I), Nancy Springer, 1986, ISBN: 9788427010116 * **
8, Swords Against Death (Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser II), Fritz Leiber, 1986, ISBN: 9788427010123*
9, The Valley of the Worm, Robert E. Howard, 1986, ISBN: 9788427010550*
12, Lord of the Night, Tanith Lee, 1986, ISBN: 9788427010635*
13, The Book of Three (Chronicles of Prydain I), Lloyd Alexander, 1987, ISBN: 9788427010956*
14, Worms of the Earth, Robert E. Howard, 1987, ISBN: 9788427011007*
15, The Watchtower, Elizabeth A. Lynn, 1987, ISBN: 9788427011427*
16, Swords in the Mist (Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser III), Fritz Leiber, 1987, ISBN: 9788427011564
17, The Magic Cauldron (Chronicles of Prydain II), Lloyd Alexander, 1988, ISBN: 9788427011793
18, The Last Unicorn, Peter S. Beagle, 1988, ISBN: 9788427011991
20, Twilight of Magic, Lord Dunsany, 1988, ISBN: 9788427012394
21, Swords Against Magic (Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser IV), Fritz Leiber, 1989, ISBN: 9788427012929
22, The Changing Earth (Dilvish the Accursed II), Roger Zelazny, 1989, ISBN: 9788427013100
23, The Color of Magic (Discworld I), Terry Pratchett, 1989, ISBN: 9788427013414
25, The Swords of Lankhmar (Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser V), Fritz Leiber, 1990, ISBN: 9788427013940
26, The Castle of Llyr (Chronicles of Prydain III), Lloyd Alexander, 1990, ISBN: 9788427014268
28, Swords and Frozen Magic (Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser VI), Fritz Leiber, 1990, ISBN: 9788427014688
29, The Fantastic Light (Discworld II), Terry Pratchett, 1991, ISBN: 9788427014923
32, Taran the Wanderer (Chronicles of Prydain IV), Lloyd Alexander, 1992, ISBN: 9788427015999
33, The Brotherhood of Swords (Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser VII), Fritz Leiber, 1992, ISBN: 9788427016583
37, The Great King (Chronicles of Prydain V), Lloyd Alexander, 1994, ISBN: 9788427018259

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