Poema de Mio Cid. Per Abbat Manuscript, 1207


Poem of Mio Cid. Extraordinary facsimile edition of the manuscript of Per Abbat, 1207. Commemorative Edition VIII Centenario.

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Poem of Mio Cid. Extraordinary facsimile edition of the manuscript of Per Abbat, 1207. Commemorative Edition VIII Centenario. Article with gifts.

Poem of Mio Cid is the first literary monument of importance of the Spanish language, and is established as one of the peaks of the medieval epic and a basic work of Spanish culture.

The only medieval manuscript that has transmitted the Cantar de Mio Cid in his poetic form is called codex de Vivar, as this Burgos town, birthplace of the Cid, the place of his oldest known origin, which is currently in custody vault of the National Library of Spain.

The author is unknown. In the case of an epic poem you may be recited in public until someone pierce the paper; but, for sure, all I know is that the Spanish cleric copied Per Abbat in 1207.

The rich tradition early Castilian epic reached its highest point with this work. The poem is above all the story of an epic hero archetype that recovers his honor by the effort of his arm, is the glorification of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, the Cid. One of the most significant literary myths among which Spain has contributed to world culture, being at the same level as the French Roland, the German Siegfried, Greek or Roman Achilles Aeneas.

This edition reproduced in facsimile of the manuscript of extraordinary quality Per Abbat dated in the year 1207. It is the only indoor stamped and based on the unique codex edition, and has been made from which the poem published in 1961 General Directorate of Archives and Libraries, given the impossibility of physical access to the original by their poor condition. The format is 16.3 x 21 cm. It has 154 pages, printed in four colors on laid paper 110 grams special manufacturing and treated by hand one by one to match the original. It is binding on goatskin table, with aging hardware. The edition is completed, in a separate volume, with the version that the poem made Pedro Salinas, prefaced by Alberto Montaner Frutos, Professor at the University of Zaragoza. 15.3 x 21 cm format. 192 pages. Bound in brown cloth with gilt titles.

This copy is not an illustrated edition, is the most faithful reproduction of the original manuscript found. There are many editions of Mio Cid but none like this. Aesthetically it can be ugly, because they are old papers, obscured by time and only letters and words but mean as get their hands on a book of over 800 years. If you look for enlightened, modern edition, also we can provide.

The work is presented in a beautiful case containing the facsimile edition, the volume version Poem Pedro Salinas and the notarial certificate authenticating the limited edition of 800 copies. Format 25 x 30 x 5.5 cm. Total weight: 1,877 grams.

It is a great work that should be present in every good library that boasts, and an ideal place for oneself or for any lover of good books, literature and history, any time gift: Christmas, Epiphany, anniversaries, celebrations …

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