History of the life of the buscon called Don Pablos, Quevedo, c. 1604


Francisco de Quevedo, with El Buscon, would leave the genre of the picaresque novel perfectly established and settled in the Spanish letters of the Golden Age and in the European ones.

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By 1604, Francisco de Quevedo, breaking into El Buscón, in line with the anonymous one in favor of the short story without sermons, would leave the Spanish genre of the Golden Age and the European genre of the picaresque novel perfectly constituted and established.

And this, with a work of pure and dazzling verbal ingenuity, according to some critics, or of sharp social criticism according to others. However, due to unfamiliar circumstances, the text of the great Madrid did not see the picture until 1626 and although the work was flatly his, it was never recognized by the author.

However, the work circulated in handwritten copies as evidenced by the conservation of three surviving manuscripts to the bibliographic and documentary shipwrecks that have occurred since then. They are called S codices, from the Menéndez Pelayo Library in Santander; C of the Royal Spanish Academy and B (of “Good”), object of the present facsimile, who together with the princeps (E) of 1626 serve to have access to the story.

This manuscript (B) remained missing or badly taken into account by various modern editors of Buscón until D. Fernando Lázaro Carreter made it known in 1965 and numerous modern editors of the novel are based on this manuscript, with the conviction that It represents Quevedo’s last or safest will. It conserves the Ex Libris of the Library of an illustrious and former owner: Don A. Canovas del Castillo.

What has obtained and retains greater fame is his humorous prose, especially in this, his latest work, History of the life of the buscón called Don Pablos, better known simply as “El Buscón” de Quevedo, where it leads to an end of virtuosity stylistic the genre of “picaresque”. This is the best production of the great Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas (1580-1645).

Facsimile edition made in 2002, limited to 995 copies, numbered and notarized authenticated, on the original preserved at the Lázaro Galdiano Foundation in Madrid.

Binding in green skin with golden irons and spine with nerves, 7 x 10.5 cm format. 446 pages and expanded letter at the end of the book, on special paper aged and aged, old-fashioned sheets and sewn with vegetable thread. Golden songs with gold.

Accompanied by complementary study book, 12 x 17 cm format. 96 pages

Both books presented in an original and elegant case-display, writing type, format 32.5 x 29 x 13 cm, where in addition to the facsimile, study book, notarial deed and display base, a 17th century imitation pen is included in a special compartment and inkwell. This beautiful presentation of the facsimile edition is very difficult to find and in such good condition, since the publisher only offered it at the beginning, later presenting the facsimile in an open box.

An elegant, curious, literary, beautiful and historical article, ideal for a special and exclusive gift. Complete and in perfect condition. In addition, we are giving you an exclusive copy of the Buscón with illustrations by Vierge in a beautiful edition (which you can also see and purchase on this website) and that complements the original work.

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