The Grandes Heures of the Duke of Berry, XV century (5*)


This facsimile is part of the Spectacular Library.
For the first time in the world history of the facsimile, the binding of an illuminated codex or manuscript is reproduced using authentic precious stones, not synthetic or reconstructed, enclosing as a guarantee of this a certificate and gemological report of authenticity.

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For the first time in world history facsimile, the binding of a codex or using real precious illuminated manuscript, not synthetic or reconstructed stones, attaching it as security for a certificate of authenticity and gemological report is reproduced. A 5 star in every great library!

First complete facsimile edition of the most elegant and unique book of hours commissioned by the Duke of Berry, never reproduced in facsimile quality to date.

Illuminated by the famous Jacquemart de Hesdin, master painter at the court of Duke from 1384-1409 (date of death), the Bedford Master and the Boucicaut Master masterpiece.

All the great geniuses of international Gothic painting are authors of this superb work, with the exception of the Limbourg brothers.

The uniqueness of this manuscript lies in the spectacular elegance, wealth and great quality of his illustrations, in the large size of their pages that make Ledger hours ever created and the richness of all its illuminated pages with gold adorned with hundreds of acanthus leaves and droleries.

The commissioning of this spectacular format by a Duke of Berry sixties suffering is due to presbyopia. On the death of the Duke, this artistic monument erected to his glory, was considered the crown jewel of his collection. Its value was estimated at 4,000 pounds, enormous sum for the time and exceeded eight times the estimate was then made of the Very Rich Hours.

The inventory of the collections of Jean de Berry, made in 1413, describes them thus: “Item, you join très minds belles et riches heures moult, très notablement enluminées et historiées of histoires minds of the main Jacquemart of Hodin et autres ouvriers of Monseigneur … et au commencement du second Feuillet des heures de Nostre Dame Escript “flamine” … “(” Piece, a very large very beautiful and rich hours, most notably illuminated and historiated with large paintings by the hand of Jacquemart de Hesdin and other workers His Lordship … and the beginning of the second sheet of the Hours of the Virgin is written “flamine” … “. The latter is conclusive, just check the second leaf of the Hours of the Virgin on page 9 for verify that begins with the Latin word “flamine”.

The binding to this facsimile edition made the publishing Heritage is based on that inventory, which described cover a superb violet velvet and with two closures bronze plated pure 24k gold, adorned each with a ruby, a sapphire and 6 beautiful pearls; its reconstruction was carried out with the advice of renowned experts from the National Library of France.

Very large, very beautiful and rich hours were the most desired by facsimile by the editors of prestige piece. Strict conservation reasons kept untouchable and unprecedented in the Grande Réserve. Now, thanks to an agreement between Heritage Editions, the National Library of France and the Louvre Museum, art lovers, bibliophiles and the most prestigious museums in the world can access this first, unique and unrepeatable full facsimile edition of the greatest book Hours commissioned by the largest and most famous bibliomaniac and patron of the arts of the Gothic. A decent copy of a spectacular library.

3D images. Pergamenata support. Stochastic. We emphasize the production of blue ink, predominating color in the illustrations of the manuscript, starting from lapis lazuli to get the color tone of the original. The use of blue lapis lazuli gives it a three-dimensional, contrast, volume, intensity of color and detail exceptional and unique, very noticeable in the folds of drapery and skies with a result that exceeds a magnificent facsimile edition, reaching the superb final effect an authentic original manuscript painted and illuminated by hand. To all in Plate golds, silvers and tinta- has been applied patina and subtle micro detachments aging caused by the course of centuries and currently levied on all medieval illuminated manuscripts.

Exemplary we offer the pergamenata Series. First and only full facsimile edition that uses authentic ruby ​​gemstones -a, a sapphire and 6 pearl diver in each of the two closures pure gold plated brass 24K spectacular purple velvet binding superb natural silk, attaching their gemological and notarial certificate of authenticity. Pergamenata support and gold leaf with similar characteristics to those used by the most prestigious publishing houses specialized in near-originals or facsimiles of illuminated manuscripts on paper, parchment pergamenata natural or lambskin. Limited to only 949 numbered and authenticated by a notary edition.

Original guarded in the National Library of France and in the Museum of the Louvre (Ms. lat. 919 and R.F. 2835). 15th century, year 1409.
Writing: Latin.
Illustrations: 212 miniatures, 41 large format, hundreds of historical initials, heraldic emblems and hundreds of drôleries or grotesque.
Extension: 256 pages, almost all illustrated with grotesque, spectacularly decorated and illuminated with gold.
Facsimile bound in velvet on wood with gold-plated hardware, 2 gold-plated metal clasps with pearls and precious stones. Format 33 x 42 cm.
Limited edition to 949 copies, numbered and notarized, made in 2012.
The facsimile is presented in a beautiful book format, gold inscription and padded texture. Measures 39.5 x 46.5 x 8.5 cm.

Accompanied by his corresponding book of studies (texts in Spanish), bound in hardcover with illustrated overcoat. Format 24.8 x 34.3 cm. 140 illustrated pages. The publisher also published the study book of 4 other languages: English, Italian, German and French. If you do not want to receive the study book in Spanish, please let us know the language you prefer and we will see the possibility of changing it.

Exemplary in perfect condition.

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