Virgilio Riccardiano, c. 1460 *****

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This facsimile is part of the Spectacular Library.
Extraordinary facsimile edition of the original curated in the Riccardiana Library, Florence, Italy. Signatura ms. Ricc. 492. Dated around 1460. A 5 stars in every great Library!

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Special facsimile edition of the original kept in Riccardiana Library, Florence, Italy. Signatura ms. Ricc. 492. Dated around 1460. A 5 star hotel in every great library!

For the three great works of Publio Virgilio Maron (Bucolics – Georgics – Aeneid), this manuscript was designed by the renowned illuminator Apollonio di Giovanni for the Medici court.

Renaissance codex is an exclusive elegance, and owes its charm to the configuration of Eneas trip in the splendor of the Florence of Lorenzo the Magnificent. Admiring the miniatures high precision, the eye is lost in the infinitely small places of Alberti and Brunelleschi, in an original and seductive blend of the classic and Renaissance.

This codex Virgil represents an amazing document of Renaissance Florence, full of references to architecture, clothing, weapons and agricultural tools. Through its pages you can see a true view of life of the workshops, with the processing steps thumbnails full text. Geórgicas, Bucolics and Virgil’s Aeneid was made in the workshop of the famous Apollonius of John, where the art of the Italian Renaissance in the miniature reached the height of craftsmanship.

The history of this codex has always attracted the attention of scholars because of the puzzles that intertwine in their pages. Both the buyer and the recipient of this manuscript have always been a mystery. Only recently it is known that the time of political interests are behind this famous work, opening new horizons for the study of one of the most fascinating creations of the Renaissance.

The enigma of the recipient is reflected in the image of the hedgehog child at the center of the miniature opening, maybe a young Lorenzo de Medici, dedicated to his work? Only recent studies have discovered the true recipient of the codex and the deep meaning of this exceptional Florentine production.

In the description of the taking of Troy, the Greeks are presented with clothes and obsolete weapons. The scenes of war with raw violence do not conform to the text of Virgil. Finally, a disturbing flag with the Black Eagle on a yellow background appears constantly to emphasize a clear message. Clothing and architecture are represented Florence, recognizing several times the Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Via Larga.

Due to a tragic unexpected event, the codex had to be interrupted and the lighting was not completed. Rarely in history you have the opportunity to penetrate the secrets of the transformation of a work like this. What was it that made the author of this gigantic work stopped its development, leaving many incomplete miniatures?

Fax features:
Ricc complete reproduction of the codex. 492 Riccardiana preserved in the Library of Florence.
craft bookbinding format 20 x 30.5 cm, equal to the original. 512 pages on special paper pergamena.
The facsimile is presented in a beautiful and luxurious fine wooden case.
Limited edition of 999 copies, numbered and certified.

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