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Collection of 40 gems with interchangeable pendant


Precious collection of 40 gems presented in blue plastic case hardened container tray covered with black microfibre indicating the number for each gem that is detailed in a companion booklet (in Spanish) and consisting astrological and scientific descriptions of each one of them.

Collection of 64 minerals and 15 Gems, container boxes and folders


Wonderful, practical and instructive collection of minerals and gems (though incomplete as such) submitted on 5 container boxes with a total of 79 large pieces identified in their respective compartments, which include, among others, emeralds virgin rock and a little pot with gold foil 22 k, with certificate of origin.


Serpentine mineral obelisk

151,00 49,83

Magnificent obelisk made of serpentine mineral 30.5 cm high, square base 7.5 x 7.5 cm and weighing 1,362 grs. The massive green old serpentine, greenish mottled, is widely used for decoration.