ComprarMejor (in its .es, .net and .org domains) guarantees the authenticity of all items offered for sale and that the description of each of them corresponds to reality.

If any item has any special guarantee, it will be indicated in the text of the article.

All our facsimiles are in perfect condition. If any of them had any deterioration or sign of use, it is stated in its description.

Old books are sold as is and the characteristics and status of each of them are detailed in their text.

If any shipment arrives in poor condition due to the carrier’s fault, you must register it on the delivery note and notify us immediately. If you see that the package has been damaged on the trip, you must make a video of its opening to check the damage. In this single case, the item will be exchanged for another or, if not, reimbursed in full, once the previous one has been received.

In our antique watches, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, but they are completely original and are in perfect working order.

All our watches have undergone a rigorous selection process and subsequently a complete review and tuning. And unless the description is stated otherwise, all our watches are in very good condition, we try to reach “as fresh from the factory.”

In many articles you are acquiring old pieces that may have normal weather wear; However, exceptional details, if found, are detailed in the item description.

All our jewels are handmade pieces and, therefore, unique and exclusive items. Any variation will be recorded in its description. The metal and stones indicated in the text are guaranteed.

When there is a certain guarantee and for the time indicated, the customer will send the merchandise to the address indicated by ComprarMejor. Shipping costs, both to send and then to receive the item, will be borne by the buyer. Labor and machinery parts included in the warranty.

Defects due to misuse, natural wear, chafing or shock are not covered.

In the works of art the authenticity of the artist is guaranteed and any special circumstance will be recorded in the description of the piece.

In general, all our articles guarantee that what is described corresponds to the current status of each piece or service offered. If the client believes that the item received does not respond to what is indicated, he has 5 calendar days to contact us and proceed to its return, once justified and agreed between both parties.

ComprarMejor offers you the possibility of returning an item, without justifying its cause, always in the same condition and packaging in which it was received, within 14 calendar days of receipt, and by contacting us previously. In this case, the return and shipping costs (if included in the price) will be borne by the buyer. Cash will not be refunded, but a voucher without time limitation so you can purchase any other item on our website.

We offer quality and good service. We do not pretend to buy us once but many. That is why we are the only ones that offer direct and personalized attention from the beginning.

Note: Any discrepancy between the Spanish and English texts will be valid as indicated in the Spanish text.

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