Ars Notariae (Notary Technique), Salatiel Bonaniense, s. XIV (+G)

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Facsimile edition of the 14th century manuscript “Ars Notariae”, by Salatiel Bonaniense, notary and professor in Bologna, and whose original is in the

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1996 facsimile edition of the mid-14th century manuscript “Ars Notariae”, copy of the original work of 1242, revised and expanded between 1253 and 1254, by Salatiel Bonaniense (ca. 1210-1280), notary and professor in Bologna, and The original of which is in the Library of Catalonia under the signature Ms. 284.

Numbered edition limited to 500 copies and certified by the Publisher.

Facsimile bound in aged parchment and sewn with rope, with a folded cover and two ribbon closures, all made by hand. Format 23 x 32 cm. 88 pages.

Accompanied by a complementary book with a paleographic study, transcription of the original Latin text and its translation into Spanish. Format 23 x 32 cm, 364 pages.

Both are presented in an open case box for better protection and conservation. Format 23 x 33 x 6.5 cm. All of this in perfect condition.

Manuscript in cursive Gothic script, the most complete copy of the Ars Notariae from the second half of the 14th century and includes a filigree (female figure) on folio IV.

Among the 13th century manuscripts dedicated to the “ars notariae”, Salatiel is one of its outstanding compilers. The “Ars Notariae” was, among other manuals such as those of Rainier of Perugia, Bencivenni of Norcia and Giovanni, the most consulted by practicing notaries. Subsequently, it was replaced little by little, given its enormous complexity, by others such as that of Rolandino Passagieri. Salatiel’s work is made up of four books; The first three deal with notarial theory and the fourth, practical, includes a series of documents on different legal practices.

Other notarial documents from various Catalan towns such as Camprodón, Figueres, Manresa, Vic, Barcelona and Gerona were added to the manuscript from the Library of Catalonia.

The text of manuscript 284 of the Library of Catalonia has a somewhat heterogeneous character, although it does not cease to belong to the legal genre, characterized precisely by its precision and homogeneity. On the one hand, and in pride of place, there is the elaborate notary manual by Salatiel of Bologna, and on the other, in addition to the detailed diagrams and forms for writing letters, a documentary collection of special interest. Each of these parts has posed a specific problem and has required an analysis and translation technique appropriate to its idiosyncrasy.

“Praiseworthy as necessary for men is the notarial office”, with these words Salatiel Bonaniense begins his manuscript “Ars Notariae”, where he masterfully exposes all the laws and rules to exercise this illustrious office in the 14th century. This manuscript is the historical basis on which the good work of Notaries is founded.

The “Ars Notariae” by Salatiel, from the Library of Catalonia, is organized into a proem and four books. The first three carry out an exhaustive review of some aspects of Civil Law, based mainly on the Digest.
The proem explains the content of the work and focuses mainly on telling what the office of Notary or Tabelion consists of.
The first book exposes in a very complete way the divisions of people, things, actions and obligations.
The second book explains what contracts and agreements consist of and their different types.
The third book talks about testaments and last wills.
The fourth book begins with reference to the taxes, below are a series of treatment formulas, examples of notarial instruments and diagrams of how they should be carried out. Then the notarial clauses begin to continue until the end with more examples of notarial instruments.

With this copy we give away exclusively the offprint 27 of “History, Institutions, Documents” of the University of Seville from the year 2000, written by the notary José Bono Huerta and titled “The Catalan review of the “Ars Notariae” of Salatiel”, according to the manuscript 284 of the Library of Catalonia. 18 pages. Dedicated and signed by the author. Texts in Spanish.

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