Astronomiae Instauratae Mechanica (renewed Mechanics Astronomy), Tycho Brahe, 1602


The renewed Mechanics Astronomy (Astronomiae Instauratae Mechanica), Tycho Brahe, is a facsimile edition of Editorial San Millan integrated, exclusive, limited, numbered by notary.

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The renewed Mechanics Astronomy (Astronomiae Instauratae Mechanica), Tycho Brahe, is a facsimile edition of Editorial San Millan integrated, exclusive, limited, numbered by notary. This is one of the most important works of Tycho Brahe in the history of astronomy, totally unprecedented in Spanish until this edition was held in 2006. For the first time in history is translated from Latin into Spanish, becoming a world first and a great cultural and scientific privately bet.

It is a beautiful book, golden section, size 19.8 x 32.1 cm., 488 pages, bound in leather handmade parchment legitimate that facsimilarmente reproduces the original work of 1602, according to the original kept in the Library of the Royal Academy Fine Arts of San Fernando, Madrid (Spain); followed by its complete translation from Latin to Spanish, and preceded by a biographical and scientific study that frames and complete. For this Editorial San Millan has undertaken an enormous task inquiring original and historical and scientific research texts to present the reader with this original work in the Spanish language and its framing in the history of our idea of ​​the world.

The famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe performed systematically, for more than thirty years, most accurate astronomical measurements up to his time. With the enviable wealth of valuable data and scientific collaborator Johannes Kepler got heir enunciate his famous three laws governing the motion of the planets in the Solar System and on which in turn the Law of Universal Gravitation Newton is based.

About his work, his astronomical instruments and their eagerness he wrote his famous work Astronomiae Instauratae Mechanica (Mechanics Astronomy renewed), which for the first time can be read in Spanish, once masterfully translated from Latin by Dr. Vidal Gonzalez Sanchez. The scientific study of the author, his work and knowledge of astronomy was the late sixteenth century was conducted by Professor Nicholas D. García Herrera. The foreword of the book is provided by the Hon. Mr. Pedro Navascués Palacio, Vice-Treasurer of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando.

Many astronomical instruments Tycho Brahe perfected, invented and built in Uraninborg (or “sky palace”), a little while, great astronomical research center built to live and work on the Danish island that gave him King Frederick II and where he developed his scientific activity for two decades, laying the foundations of modern astronomy.

Tycho Brahe, Tychonis Brahe in Latin, considered the father of modern astronomy, marked a before and after in science, was the turning point between the past and the future research of the stars, which for centuries had It remained almost unchanged, began to change at an accelerated rate, making the human being know new alternatives, new knowledge and had thereby achieving that science, not only astronomical, change to our current knowledge. Without it, the universe and our perception of life, not be the same.

This work is not only the result of an extraordinary effort, not only be achieved by first translating it into Spanish and make it available to anyone who is interested in science, culture and the artistic beauty, but represents the tribute to a man and a life of incalculable patience observer.

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