Tragicomedy by Calisto and Melibea – La Celestina, illustrated by Pablo Picasso

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Tragicomedy by Calisto and Melibea – La Celestina, illustrated by Pablo Picasso with the 66 selected etchings from Suite 347

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An exclusive, limited and numbered work shows us an experienced and dynamic Picasso, tireless worker and unconditional admirer of La Celestina, a universal classic of the 15th century, also known as “Tragicomedy of Calisto and Melibea”.

In collaboration with Succession Picasso, Planeta EDP produced in 2007 this monumental edition for the first time in Spanish in a luxury format, a single, limited and numbered edition, with a selection of etchings chosen and arranged by the artist himself that illustrate one of his books. favorites, the classic by Fernando de Rojas.

The 66 reproduced engravings belong to Suite 347, a work that recorded as a diary everything that Picasso saw, heard, imagined and lived through during the French May, with related themes in La Celestina such as strength and the constant struggle of human life .

This is a unique edition that includes the 66 original “artist’s proofs”, approved by Picasso, of Suite 347 that is kept in the collection of Fundación Bancaja

This luxury edition, of 2,988 copies, is accompanied by the study book, which from the hand of five authors opens the vision and enjoyment of these two masterpieces. With him, we enter the richness and detail of all the anecdotes and mischief that both contain.

A handmade Antibes blue case, inspired by this Mediterranean city so closely related to the artist, houses an aluminum case, engraved and stamped, which collects the book with the engravings of La Celestina and the study book under the attentive and impressive look of Picasso.

Book with the classic work and drawings by Picasso format 33.5 x 33 cm. 312 pages.
Study book format 33 x 33 cm. 142 pages.
Both books are presented in an aluminum case with Picasso’s signature die-cut, format 34 x 34 x 7.5 cm.
In turn, the cover and the books are presented in a monumental case lined with blue fabric, format 47 x 48 x 11.5 cm.

This copy is completely new, brand new, and retains its original packaging, format 56 x 54 x 18 cm. 13 kg.

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