Beatus of Liebana codex Geneva, s. XI

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Blessed Geneva, as has been given to know, it represents a breakthrough of a new manuscript of the famous series “Blessed of Liébana”.

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Blessed Geneva, as has been given to know, it represents a breakthrough of a new manuscript of the famous series “Blessed of Liébana”. This surprising finding reinforces even more literary significance and, above all, the monumental art called “Blessed”. This original new amending the usual catalog of Blessed illuminated, which happens to be 22, not counting the fragments, all for sale in luxury facsimile editions.

As important piece in the collection of old books that the Congregation of Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales made on deposit to the Library of Geneva.

194 pages containing 65 miniatures most captivating inserted in the text without context. It is noteworthy that, in general, the image and text were developed at par (perhaps for the same type?), Adapting the latter to the image profile.

It went to the Geneva Florimont Institute of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales, who know how he got them from the Abbey of Aulps (in the French Savoie) in which it was in the late eighteenth century.

The text was copied from the second third and the end of XI century in the Italian region of Benevento. For the most part, the codex has a beneventana writing two columns. However, initially only in 19 of the 97 folios, this alternating with tiny carolina, which could suggest the presence of a monk Benevento northern Italy to work with the Benevento in the writing of this manuscript.

The facsimile edition in 2012, this extraordinary Blessed is accompanied, as usual, complementary book studies and special beautiful lacquered wooden box in which the facsimile bundled in a linen cloth remains. Only limited and numbered print run of 898 copies, with a corresponding affidavit. Bound with two metal clasps aged parchment. Fax Format: 18 x 27 cm. Box format: 23 x 31 x 7.5 cm.

Blessed Geneva, seems taken, according to early studies that have been conducted, the Beato of Burgo de Osma (Soria). When in 2007 the Library of the Swiss city of Geneva was done with the funds of the Congregation of Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales, it was discovered among the works two sewn manuscripts, unbound. One was a grammar without special value, and from page 149, featured a Beato (manuscript which reproduces the Commentary on the Apocalypse of St. John written in Latin in the late eighth century by Beatus of Liebana), dating from the eleventh century, “special wealth in their artwork and mixing two typefaces, Visigoth and benaventana, which makes it very special.”

For the first time it has become known to the general public hidden for a thousand years, with history, art and context of Blessed number 22. Complete and illuminated Blessed are preserved in the world 21 Blessed, so that the appearance of Beatus Geneva, number 22, is a particularly important discovery, for the unexpected, for the history of literature and art.

The Beatus of Liebana, codex Geneva, is one of the outstanding illuminated Blessed conducted outside the Iberian Peninsula, the only one in Italy and the last to be discovered.

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