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A magnificent, elegant and beautiful collection of eight pocket watches, silver and gold plated Law, which are authentic reproductions of vintage models,

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A magnificent, elegant and beautiful collection of eight pocket watches, silver and gold plated Law, which are authentic reproductions of vintage models, made in limited edition numbered and certified. The art of precision over time captured eight pieces of great beauty, worthy of the best collectors.

The ticking of the clocks that set the pace of the world for four centuries is now a collection with triple value.

One feature that has been taken into account when making these faithful reproductions were the chosen materials, own watches fine jewelry: gold baths and sterling silver, leather, rubies and finishes that provide reliable category of unique pieces to watches.

Six historical replicas and two vintage rarities make the issue even more exclusive. Selected models have unique features of each era: guilloche engravings, needles Louis XVI, bezels recorded … Also included in the collection are two designs categorized as vintage rarities that bring exclusivity to the whole.

Real gems of great beauty and precision. Remontoir rope machinery and equipment: how to give one hour of antique clocks, as faithfully reproduces this collection. Also difficult to find this old-style machinery, including watchmakers and antique shops.

The collection includes and is presented in a beautiful display cabinet-lacquered wood, with an elegant effect of water on its surface. It has golden hinges and beveled glass top. Two chains are also provided with matching gold-plated watches and sterling silver. Dimensions shipping carton: 45 x 26 x 11.5 cm. Total weight of box: 2.82 kg.

Eight jewelry created with love and skill for real virtuosos of watchmaking. The collection comes with a certificate showing the technical characteristics and authenticity of noble materials used, signed by the prestigious watchmakers Watches Losada. All a guarantee of quality that accredits the category of these pieces as works of art. Contains also, numbered series code that identifies them as members of a limited edition.

Losada is a watchmaking firm in Spain with more than a century of tradition. Founded in the nineteenth century by Jose Rodriguez Losada, one of the most prestigious Spanish watchmakers, teachers of this firm have continued the tradition and have a reputation for his skill in both old watchmaking as in maintaining historic pieces.

List of the 8 pieces that make up this unique collection available:

Pocket watch with visible wheel Sun and Moon, s. XVI. Its design was revolutionary in its time, it was inspired by the ancient gnomon to measure time by the position of the Sun and Moon. His case is gold-plated. Further highlights the 24-hour dial with sun and moon window to indicate whether the time is day or night.

Pocket watch with Swiss lever visible Sun and Moon, s. XVI. This second generation model Sun and Moon legendary for its important historical tradition is included. I also bathed in gold and window Sun and Moon. This piece has the peculiarity that the Swiss lever escapement is visible in the field.

Domed pocket watch decorated with sphere, s. XVII. The decoration with enamel, usually landscape scenes, was a major cosmetic change in the seventeenth century. Presents box with antique silver bath and double glazing, which gives its classic curved shape. This hemispherical glass gets a magnifying effect that highlights the gentle landscape of the Grand Canal of Venice.

Glazed style pocket watch, s. XVIII. In the eighteenth century, enamel paint is often used to decorate the covers of the French and Genevan watches. Glazed, high decorative quality, often represent the portrait of a lady in the front cover, as this reproduction, needles jewel in the area.

Skeleton pocket watch, s. XVIII. During the second half of the eighteenth century, the French watchmakers pay a special interest in the decoration of their works. The ultimate expression of this trend is the skeleton watch, where the same machine becomes part of the decoration of the clock. It has double Arabian and Roman numerals, engraved on the bezel of the case covered in fine gold.

Safety pocket watch Simple, s. XIX. In the early nineteenth century, the design is extremely simple. The clocks begin to be functional and sober in decorations. It is then that ends the so-called Breguet style, typical Parisian, that since the French Revolution imposed the largest Swiss watchmaker of all time, Abraham-Louis Breguet. This piece also has Breguet style and the back cover is engraved guilloché, with waveforms in relief.

Double pocket watch box. Rarity of time. This model presents an original twist: silver plated two bodies connected by a hinge that allows unfold. The first body has front and rear cover glass with magnifying effect. The second contains the automatic mechanical machinery. A model difficult to find in the market.

Pocket Watch sharkskin. Rarity of time. The box, covered with shark skin style, a feature that enables classify as rare vintage and reproduction makes this a very attractive piece for any collector. Mechanical machinery presents visible skeleton style.

New item, brand new, in its original packaging. The box may have the seal open only for quality verification that the complete lot is in perfect condition, unless the buyer tells us not to do so. Various collections available.

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