Falconry and Art. The practice and art of falconry. Magnificent and unique work


Unique and unrepeatable edition, texts in Spanish, combining the study and practices of falconry together with the art of the best artists in falconry

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Unique and unrepeatable edition, published in 2 large volumes in 2020 by the editor Juan Antonio Izquierdo, texts in Spanish, combining the study and practices of falconry together with the art of the best artists in falconry, many of them falconers by profession and hubby.

Volumes bound in green cloth hardcover with gilding and beautifully illustrated dust jackets, 25 x 32 cm format, with a total of 1,200 pages profusely illustrated in full color. The set weighs 8 kg.

“Falconry and Art” is the best known work of falconry and a true work of art, ideal for both professional and beginner falconers, for lovers of Bibliophilia, art, Nature and especially birds. At the end of each volume there is a beautiful art gallery with more than 369 paintings in total, where the works of the best painters in the world in this type of art are exhibited and which complement the texts of specialists in the different fields of falconry. .

“As a hunting modality, falconry is a practice that is not suitable for everyone due to its complexity and demands, testing the individual physically and mentally; It is also an intelligence exercise, in which hunting strategies play a crucial role in completing the hunt successfully.”

“As significant as falconry itself is its reflection in painting, this work dedicates a third of its length to it. For the first time, a book brings together the art of the most talented falconry and hunting raptor painters from four continents.”

“Falconry and Art is a work that has concentrated on the different types of sets that can be made in this type of hunting. And, depending on the type of bird used, the prey pursued and the terrain in which the hunting activity takes place, hunting with birds of prey acquires very different characteristics and requires specific techniques.”

“To bring together in a book such a quantity of technical texts and works of art on falconry as the one offered here is really something difficult to achieve, especially if one takes into account the quality and diversity of said contributions and the endorsement that the mastery and talent of its authors means.”

“Falconry and Art is the appropriate work for those falconers with a certain experience who wish to practice other types of sets, with other species or on other prey, but also for those who consider that there is always something to improve or learn, even in what we carry doing for a long time.”

“But the interest of this work goes far beyond falconers, experienced or novice; Any fan of hunting, birds or nature will be able to delight in reading stories as intense as they are varied in which, after all, they talk about one of the most peculiar and wonderful relationships between man and man. the animal in nature.”

Prologue by Ricardo Manuel Olmos de León.
Authors: Juan de Marcken, Steve Chindgren, Steve Williams, Ernesto Madejón, Rodrigo Munro-Wilson Cepeda, Mark Williams, Mark Upton, Jesús Palencia, Gonzalo Cano, Anton Müller, David Pérez, Ramón Balbás, Fran Bolinches, Francisco Rodero, José Luis Ariño, Patrick Morel, Fernando García de Paz, Fernando Feás, José Luis Gagliardi, Harry McElroy, Juan Manuel Iglesias, Kenneth C. Tuttle, Hans Peeters, Jogn Loft, Pablo-Bracamonte Sánchez, Jennifer and Tom Coulson, Jose Verdejo, Óscar Rasero , Kamran Khan Yousafzai, Stuart Pringle, Héctor Manso, Rafael Rodríguez, Dogan-Luke Smith-Simit and Salih Dogrusadik, Daniel Cano and Javier Vázquez.
Artists: Graeme Arnott, Victor Bakhtin, Susana Carchenilla, Manu Carrasco, Marcos Cruz, Luis Manuel Cuaresma, Liang Chen, Arturo de Miguel, Andrew Ellis, Luis Carlos Espino, Anna Franceová, Vadim Gorbatov, Johan Kolman, Terence Lambert, Juan Antonio López , Hans Peeters, David Rampling, Laszlo Szappan, Mark Upton, Tamara Yuani, Robert Bateman, John Perry Baumlin, Marco Carpio, Ronald David Digby, Mike Donnelly, Paschalis Dougalis, Alan M. Hunt, Rodger McPhail, Miguel Ángel Moraleda, Marisol Pacchiano , Bernd Pöppelmann, Anthony Pridham, Hubert Quade, Martin Ridley, Essengali Sadyrbayev, Lennard Sand, David A. Scott, Manuel Sosa, Roberto Valero, Jonathan Wilde.
Epilogue by Francisco Javier Rivas.

Work in 2 beautiful volumes, complete, in perfect condition, new, unused.

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