Home Remedies, 2 volumes, complete


Homemade Remedies and Homemade Remedies 2, Círculo de Lectores, natural preventive medicine for small health problems.

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Home Remedies, ISBN 9788422659815, 1996 edition by the Círculo de Lectores. Original Edition Title: “The Doctors Book of Home Remedies.” Spanish translation by Mónica Stajnsznajder.

Thousands of tips and suggestions to solve everyday health problems. Home Remedies is a complete and very useful guide, simple and quick to consult, which will teach you simple and easy-to-practice tricks to solve all those little health problems that bother you every day: from allergies to varicose veins, going through bronchitis, calluses, stress, insomnia, acne, foot pain… This book contains the accumulated experience and wisdom of hundreds of medical professionals, presented in the form of the best simple, affordable and safe healing techniques , for dozens and dozens of diseases and conditions.

Home Remedies 2, ISBN 9788422668909, 1998 edition by the Círculo de Lectores. Original Edition Title: “The Doctors Book of Home Remedies II.” Spanish translation by María Eugenia Ciocchini.

1,200 new health tips for the whole family. Herring is said to fight cold in the extremities, lavender and linen sheets ward off insomnia, and hangovers can be relieved by eating a slice of bread dipped in honey. These affordable and harmless healing techniques constitute the traditional home remedies, endorsed and recognized by numerous specialists in health issues. Advice as old and wise as grandma’s chicken broth, without chemicals or additives, but above all… without side effects. To elaborate “Home Remedies 2” 500 doctors were consulted, none of whom appeared in the first book. The list of diseases and conditions has been increased and now includes a hundred new areas. And more than 1,200 new methods have been included so that you and your family always have the solution to your problems at hand.

Both books bound in illustrated hardcover, format 15 x 22.3 cm. 640 and 608 pages. In perfect condition, new, never used.

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