Julio Verne. Extraordinary Journeys. Circle of the Bibliophile, 1981-83. 12 volumes


Lot the Círculo del Bibliophile carried out between 1981-83 on a selection of the works of Jules Verne, under the generic name of “Extraordinary Journeys”

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Lot made up of the 2 editions that the Círculo del Bibliophile carried out between 1981 and 1983 on a selection of the works of Jules Verne (1828-1905), under the generic name of “Extraordinary Journeys”, each one composed of 6 beautifully bound

Characteristics common to the 2 editions and to all the volumes:
Numbered edition limited to 1,000 copies each series.
Luxurious leather binding with gilt plates on both covers and spine with exploration and adventure motifs, gilt upper edges, guide tape, high-quality laid paper with the Bibliophile Circle watermark. Format 15 x 21 cm. Small illustrations on all pages and period illustrations full page out of pagination.
Texts in Spanish.
All volumes in perfect condition, unused, new.

First Series, 1981, ISBN: 9788485196944
Volume 1: Twenty thousand leagues under the sea. First part. 374 pages.
Volume 2: Twenty thousand leagues under the sea. Second part. Journey to the Center of the Earth. 362 pages.
Volume 3: The mysterious island. First part. 344 pages.
Volume 4: The mysterious island. Second part. 344 pages.
Volume 5: Five weeks in a balloon. A drama in the air. Dr. Ox. 372 pages.
Volume 6: Around the World in 80 days. Master Zacharias. A winter in the ice. 350 pages.

Second Series, 1983, ISBN: 9788485965427
Volume I: The children of Captain Grant. First part. 350 pages.
Volume II: The children of Captain Grant. Second part. 350 pages.
Volume III: Miguel Strogoff. 356 pages.
Volume IV: From the Earth to the Moon. Around the Moon. 380 pages.
Volume V: The 500 million of the Begum. The adventures of 3 Russians and 3 Englishmen. 386 pages.
Volume VI: A 15-year-old captain. 396 pages.

The editorial project that from 1975 to 1983, under the publishing labels Libros Raros y Antiguos (with 18 titles), Círculo de Amigos de la Historia (with 27 collections and 918 titles) and Editora de los Amigos del Círculo del Bibliofilo (with 157 titles) ), represented the most interesting achievement ever made in Bibliophile. Books with their own editions and high-quality facsimiles with bindings that beautify and distinguish any library at very affordable prices.

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