Spanish Constitution of 1978, deluxe edition, updated


New updated edition. It is a beautiful and exclusive luxury edition book with the full text of the Spanish Constitution of 1978. The only fully customizable.

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New updated edition.

It is a beautiful and exclusive edition in a luxurious book with the full text of the Spanish Constitution of 1978 (includes the two constitutional reforms made so far). The only fully customizable.

On the Spanish Constitution of 1978 there is not much more to say that has not been said or written already. The change of regime that Spain had in 1975 and the successive political changes that were generated in Spanish society, led to the approval by the People in December 1978, of a Law of Laws that served as legal, social and political framework to the new Spain that began to take its first steps in Democracy and the Rule of Law. The People instituted a guiding light for the coming behaviors of all the estates of the society, from the call man of the street until the Highest Hierarchy.

This Law of Laws, unfulfilled by Governments, Administrations and Courts, has remained immutable to the present day, except for two small modifications: the modification required with the inclusion of two words in article 13.2 by imperatives of the Treaty of the European Union agreed in Maastricht on February 7, 1992; and the complete reform of article 135 due to the demands of the European Commission in 2011 in serious moments of economic instability in Spain. Both reforms are included in the text of our work.

This edition is considered the best, most luxurious and exclusive work published to date on the Spanish Constitution of 1978, and is the only one that can be personalized.

We encourage you to discover it and enjoy it. It is the ideal work on the Constitution that every Public Administration must have to make the oath or promise in Autonomous Communities, City Councils, Judiciary, etc., as well as for any other type of official act, or to consult it at any professional moment or, simply , to enjoy it as a good lover of Bibliophilia and things well done. In addition, it is the only work that you can customize with your favorite color, with a dedication and with your name in gold letters. It is the ideal gift for a family member, for a friend and, of course, for a graduation and to celebrate the end of a law degree!

The images shown are indicative, since the customizations vary the final presentation.

Basic technical characteristics:
* Bibliophilia edition, limited to 959 copies and numbered under nominative and individual certification by the Editor at the end of each book.
* Luxury binding in red marbled leather, or Valencian leather, original and made entirely handmade, adorned with prints in gold of law, nerves on the back and tinted edges, guards in red moire.
* Special paper pergamenata marine conchiglia 175 gr. Text printed in special format, border and decorated.
* Silk reading guide tape with the colors of the Spanish flag.
* Format 21.5 x 29.5 cm. 228 pages.

Content of the work (texts in Spanish):
Text of the Spanish Constitution of 1978, updated.
Annex: Text of the Reform of article 13.2
Annex: Text of the reform of article 135

Customizations that make this work exclusive and unique of its kind, optional to the standard edition (customizations delay shipping from 10 to 30 days after ordering and do not allow returns):

* Skin color: the standard color is mottled red (with yellow streaks). You can also order it in diplomatic blue, brown, Spanish pasta, or any other on request, without any additional charge and subject to availability of leather stocks.
* Inclusion in gold on the cover of the name of the owner or honoree. This option has the surcharge indicated below.
* Internal dedication on the first page with the text and / or image that you indicate. This option has the surcharge indicated below.
* For better conservation we offer a special case that you can also purchase right here and that can also be personalized. CLICK HERE to see it.
* For orders of several copies and for Institutions or special orders, there are other forms of personalization whose cost will depend on the needs and tastes that are proposed and studied in each case.

The price indicated in this article corresponds to the standard edition, with immediate availability. The additional costs corresponding to the different customization options are as follows and the delivery time varies depending on the type of customization (you must consult previously):

* Change of skin: has no additional cost.
* Include on the cover the name indicated and engrave it in gold: add € 100
* Include an internal page with image and / or free text: add € 100

Shipping costs on account of the buyer, according to order and destination. Ask us without obligation (indicating the reference of the article) any doubt.