Spectacula Lucretiana, s. XVI


Beautiful facsimile of the original manuscript kept in the Nicolau Primitiu Library, Monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes in Valencia, MSS / 130, Valencian Library of Pope Alexander VI.

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Beautiful facsimile of the original manuscript guarded in the Nicolau Primitiu Library, Monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes de Valencia, signature MSS / 130, Valencian Library of Pope Alexander VI.

Edition made in 2008, sold out for a long time, in a single run of 290 numbered copies and notarized certificates one by one.

True Renaissance jewel, this beautiful codex model, portrays the power and prestige enjoyed by kings, princes and Renaissance popes.

The importance of the manuscript lies not only in its delicate beauty but also in its historical and literary value. It is without a doubt a jewel of the Renaissance.

Work of the Italian humanist Juan Bautista Cantalicio, also known as Giambattista Valentino, said Cantalicio of the name of Cantalicea, Italian city where he was born about the year 1450.

The nickname of Valentino has caused confusion about the origin of the poet, some authors thinking that he was Spanish and specifically Mallorcan. This error may be due to the contacts that the humanist had with the Borja family, the center of Italian power of the time, and where it was not strange to find numerous Spaniards in particular called to occupy positions in the papal curia and in politics.

The beautiful poems Spectacula Lucretiana, contains more than fifty poems in Latin, which the author composed to celebrate the betrothal of the favorite daughter of Alexander VI, Lucrecia de Borja (last name best known for his Italianization: Borgia) with Alfonso del Este, heir of Ferrara, in 1551.

The lavish describes the lavish celebrations that took place in Rome on the occasion of the event.

Facsimile bound in double skin reproducing the deteriorated original codex, with gold engravings, format 17.8 x 25.8 cm. 36 pages in special fine imitation vellum paper. Gold colored borders in an initial history. Gold text and initials in gold.
Presented the facsimile in a beautiful box-case closed in fine red velvet, format 20 x 28 x 3.5 cm.

Accompanied by a study book with Spanish translation enriched with literary and historical notes by Carmen Gómez Senent, member of the board of trustees Nicolau Primitiu and José María Estellés, tenured professor of the Department of Classical Philology of the Faculty of the University of Valencia. Bound in Dutch imitation leather and fabric, format 21.8 x 30.7 cm, 164 pages.

Download the pdf file for more information. Texts in Spanish.

Full copy and in perfect condition.

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Spectacula Lucretiana


PDF file with more information about this beautiful facsimile edition.