The Golden Bible (copy with exclusive presentation)


The Golden Bible: full edition of the Old and New Testaments in unitary translation, illuminated with masterpieces of the main medieval codices

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The Golden Bible: full edition of the Old and New Testaments in unitary translation, illuminated with masterpieces of the main medieval codices

Precious and unique copy of the Golden Bible, published by the International Book Club in 2005. Edition carried out in an artisanal way, combines biblical texts of the Old and New Testaments in full version faithfully translated from the original languages, Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic, with more than 700 miniatures, borders and capitulars selected from the 124 most beautiful medieval manuscripts of the Christian Liturgy between the sixth and early sixteenth centuries. It contains real wonders of the illuminated art illuminated with two kinds of gold (matte and gloss) corresponding to Psalters, Corals, Sacramentaries, Breviaries, Missals, Apocalypse, Evangeliaries, Books of Hours and Historical Books. A unique Bible that contains the essence of the inaccessible and most beautiful medieval codices.

This edition of the Golden Bible is without doubt the largest and most complete in the Christian world. It has been carried out by the Biblical School of Jerusalem and it has taken more than 50 years of research, with the collaboration of the best experts in Biblical Literature and Sacred History, Codicology and Paleography to complete a work of such magnitude. An arduous task that has allowed to unify the different circumstances of time and authors, of mentalities and styles, always starting from the reliable translation of the original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic languages.

The result is the best and most accurate edition of the sacred texts, carried out with the utmost rigor and fidelity, and endorsed by worldwide recognition. This special edition for bibliophiles has marginal notes, appendices, introductions and references that will make it easier for you to know the word of God. It has a chronological synopsis that compares the Biblical History with the Universal History and, finally, also has the right comments to discover “The Book of Books”.

Book with Mudejar binding on board in agglomerated leather, dry stamped and dyed in brown. 2 metal hardware with gold clasp. Matte coated matt paper specially manufactured for this edition. Bridle and guide tape made of silk. Format 28 x 36 cm, 1,184 pages full color illustrated. Golden edges. Very heavy volume.

To protect this beautiful specimen, and especially to the side books of your library (due to the fittings that the Bible contains), we have handcrafted and delivered a gift, a beautiful open box-case lined entirely in golden sapphire vanol, which includes a special support in the lower part so that the leaves rest and do not come off the spine, given the great weight of the leaves. Format 26 x 37.2 x 9 cm. The ideal and exclusive complement to this beautiful copy of the Golden Bible.

Exemplary in perfect condition, has not been read.

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