The Holy Bible, complete, Circle of the Bibliophile, 1976-1977


Edition made in 1976-1977 by the Círculo del Bibliophile of the Holy Bible, the Old Testament and the New Testament, translated from the Latin Vulgate into Spanish by D. Félix Torres Amat

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Facsimile edition made between 1976 and 1977 by Editores de Libros Raros y Antiguos, Círculo del Bibliofilo, of The Holy Bible, the Old Testament and the New Testament, translated from the Latin Vulgate into Spanish by D. Félix Torres Amat, according to the edition of Montaner y Simón Editores in Barcelona in 1873, faithfully reproduces in the artistic form of its time the edition called the “Great Bible of Tours” of 1866, and illustrated by Gustavo Doré. Complete work, 4 volumes.

ISBN: 9788485196203 Old Testament, in 3 volumes, 1977.
ISBN: 9788485196128 New Testament, in 1 volume, 1976.

Manufacturing references:
Format: 4 large in-quarto volumes (21 x 27 cm).
Printing: in “black and gold” with all pages enhanced with rosettes printed in gold.
Illustrations: 252 illustrations by Gustavo Doré framed in gold.
Cover pages: sumptuously decorated with gold glitter on Ingres paper.
Pages: 600 pages each volume.
Paper: 90-gram white laid paper, water-marked with the Bibliophile’s Circle mark, made “in a round shape” according to ancient methods.
Binding: genuine full-length unsawn lambskin, without additions or cuts, mottled brown.
Stamping: covers and spines sumptuously decorated in fine 22-carat gold. Upper cut gilded in fine gold. Stamped with an old engraving of Noah’s Ark in the Old Testament and Albrecht Dürer’s Crucifixion in the New Testament.
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Beautiful edition in high bibliophile numbered and limited to 1,499 copies. Volumes in perfect condition, new, unused.

The publishing project that from 1975 to 1983, under the publishing labels Libros Raros y Antiguos (with 18 titles), Círculo de Amigos de la Historia (with 27 collections and 918 titles) and Editora de los Amigos del Círculo del Bibliofilo (with 157 titles ), represented the most interesting achievement ever made in Bibliophilia. Books with own editions and facsimiles of great quality with bindings that embellish and distinguish any library at very affordable prices.

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