The Voynich Manuscript, the most mysterious book in the world


The Voynich Manuscript, the most mysterious book in the world. Spanish edition of the publisher Sirio, Málaga, 2013.

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The Voynich Manuscript, the most mysterious book in the world. Spanish edition of the publisher Sirio, Málaga, 2018.

Rustic binding with flaps, 17.5 x 24 cm format. 270 pages. Includes the unabridged photographic edition of the original manuscript with an engaging 40-page introduction or short study by David G. Walker.

In the spring of 1912, the merchant of ancient books Wilfrid Voynich met, near Rome, with a manuscript that looked like a medieval grimoire, written in a strange language that, to this day, nobody has been able to decipher. During the last hundred years, its text has been exhaustively analyzed by scientists, linguists and specialists in cryptology, both civil and military, but all in vain. The alphabet used remains unidentified and the content of the book remains a mystery.

A century of failures has fueled the theory that the book is nothing more than an elaborate deception, a random sequence of symbols without any meaning. However, it complies exactly with Zipf’s law, according to which the frequency of occurrence of the different words that form a language follows rigid rules, appearing the word most often used exactly twice as many times as the frequency used. , triple the next and so on. This law, promulgated in the 1940s by the linguist George K. Zipf, of Harvard University, is fulfilled in all known languages. It is not probable that the author of the Voynich manuscript knew the law of Zipf, enunciated many centuries later, and therefore, that he applied it to a language invented by him.

One of the most recent theories about this mysterious book is presented by Dr. Edith Sherwood, according to which it would be a work of Leonardo da Vinci, made when he was eight or nine years old. Dr. Sherwood shows the similarity between the writing of the manuscript and that of the child Leonardo, which is preserved in other documents. Hidden in the illustrations of the book are numerous signatures with the word “Vinci”, in the style of those that appear in other works by Leonardo. In one of the drawings are some buildings that could be those of the town of Vinci, as well as a quadrangular castle with bifurcated battlements. Curiously, the only castle of these characteristics that exists in all of northern and central Italy is very close to the town of Vinci. In one of the pages of astrological theme, Dr. Sherwood even identifies the date of Leonardo’s birth, appearing in the center of the drawing in question a word that, with the help of a mirror, clearly shows his name (the great hobby is known that Leonardo da Vinci had for the specular writing). There are so many details that point to the possibility that Leonardo da Vinci was the author of the mysterious book, that an investigation is necessary.

If you wish, see an interesting video that brings you closer to the story of the mysterious Voynich Manuscript. Click here to see the detailed video about the Voynich Manuscript story.

You will also find to download a pdf file with the collection of interesting articles and videos about the mysterious manuscript. The Voynich Manuscript is “the enigma that maddens”, 40,000 mysterious words that follow the general rules of a language … that no one else knows.

Exemplary in perfect condition, brand new. Ideal complement to the facsimile of luxury, faithful and complete, that of the Voynich Manuscript has been made exclusively by a Spanish publisher. Ask us for him if you are interested in this jewel of the Bibliophilia.

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The Voynich Manuscript


The Voynich Manuscript: the most mysterious book in the World. Spanish edition of the publishing house Sirio, Málaga, 2013, with the facsimile and a small studio.