Thesaurus de Remediis Secretis, 1557


Thesaurus of Remediis Secretis (The Treasury of Secrets Remedies), facsimile edition of the work of Conrad Gesner, 1557, published in Lyon. Original preserved in the Royal Library of the Monastery of El Escorial.

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Thesaurus of Remediis Secretis (The Treasury of Secrets Remedies), facsimile edition of the work of Conrad Gesner, 1557, published in Lyon. Original preserved in the Royal Library of the Monastery of El Escorial. Contains 44 botanical etchings and engravings 36 furnaces, appliances and other utensils destilatorios laboratory. Printed in 4 colors on Italian paper specially made in stochastic; hand-sewn, aged, gilded edges and bound by hand goatskin with nerves and dry stamped escurialense grill. 527 pages. 8.5 x 12 cm format. Limited, numbered and authenticated notarial roll with 999 copies. A very important work for doctors, pharmacists, bibliophiles and lovers of the greatest treasure: health.

The companion study volume includes a comprehensive study of the author’s life, his work and the importance of his figure in the Scientific Renaissance. It has the complete Spanish translation of the original Latin, with many notes. It consists of 752 pages and 46 etchings, all folio, various forms of the Royal Library, and an extensive bibliography and index of authors cited. Format 23 x 32.5 cm.

Both books are delivered integrated in a handy carrying case overall for better conservation and placement.

For some time this part, there is an intensification of the study of science, not only as professional disciplines, but as an object of interest to the scholar public. It occurs in this particular curiosity about the scientific thought of medieval times and, in particular, of the Renaissance, where the real revolution of those starts, so essential to our civilization as medical aspects, chemistry, astronomy, botany, zoology, etc. These sciences constituted since then the background of modern science, while served as a starting point for future research.

True, his system of thought is today already exceeded; but the so-called scientific humanism can still teach, among other things, to recover the knowledge of classical antiquity and to connect directly with their texts and scientific treatises by purified, free of inaccuracies and purges of medieval editions. This way of doing things favored at that time, renewal, although this were also made for extra academic currents, particularly in the field of medicine and alchemy. Therefore, in the early sixteenth century they occurred in Europe a number of changes in the field of science in the seventeenth century, came to prevail with a great impact on modern science.

The Treasury nostrums, work signed with the pseudonym Filiatro Euonymus, was one of those books that contributed to this scientific renewal; but for the vast majority of scholars, it remains completely unknown. Its contents, saving the constraints of the time, is the more interesting, as it is the most precious treasure that exists: health. Maybe that’s why, the author wanted his head very timely book “Treasure” because it contained all those remedies extracted from plants, animals and minerals, which can be useful for health. Above all, it is about getting the “quintessence” of everything, intended to quicken, strengthen and rejuvenate the life of the human body and also contribute to its embellishment.

The author considers and stresses several times throughout the book, that a treasure is useless if it remains hidden in nature. Faced with many physicians of his time, covetous of some hidden knowledge, to make huge profits exclusively, our author tries to make available to all and, in particular, doctors and pharmacists, the Treasury nostrums for the conservation or restoration of health. Perhaps for this reason, he chose the pseudonym Filiatro Euonymus, the name comes from Greek and seems to mean friend or lover health medicine.

Exemplary complete and in perfect condition. This work is complementary to the one we also have for sale with reference 259CCI and with the same title. See special price for both works.

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