Historiae Naturalis de Avibus, by Johannes Jonstonus, 1657 (5*)


Historiae Naturalis de Avibus, by John Jonstonus, year 1657: Traditionally considered one of the most extensive and beautiful compendiums of ornithology in the entire history of science.

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The Historiae Naturalis by Johannes Jonstonus represents one of the most outstanding efforts in human history to delve into that wonderful and often mysterious world of Nature, and to compile all the vast and scattered knowledge that had been disclosed in this matter for centuries. . It is the last great encyclopedic work of the Renaissance, a magna by one of the greatest naturalists of all time. A 5 stars in all Great Library!

The facsimile edition that the Siloé publishing house has carried out since 2003 of the seven splendid volumes of this Historiae Naturalis constitutes one of the most ambitious editorial projects that can be undertaken in the field of facsimile, by publishing the only complete color version of all the volumes. To do this, we started with the only original existing volume in color (the De Avibus) and with a complex and laborious work of digitizing the color used in that volume, as well as in other works that have come to us colored in the 17th century, the color was created in the plates of the rest of the volumes of the Historiae Naturalis, thus achieving the only complete color collection of the work of Johannes Jonstonus, only available through this exclusive edition.

The enormous importance of this beautiful collection is attested by the fact that for almost 200 years it was a must-see in many of the most prestigious Central European universities of the moment, especially in Germany. And that’s not to mention Japan, a country in which the Historiae Naturalis de Jonstonus not only “triumphs” and spreads, but also becomes the only source for the knowledge of the development of this science, Natural History, in West.

The collection is made up of 6 works in 7 extraordinary facsimile volumes, handcrafted in dry-cut leather, in a golden, woven, ribbed format, with individual bookends per volume, in a limited edition of 898 copies numbered with a notarial deed. Accompanied by study books that include the first Spanish version of the original Latin text and essays on the content of the work. The complete work represents an extraordinary set of engravings (almost 400 plates) illustrating one of the largest natural science compilations in history.

The complete work can also be purchased on our website but in this article we ONLY offer the volume “Historiae Naturalis de Avibus” with its corresponding study book.

Historiae Naturalis de Avibus, by John Jonstonus, year 1657:
Traditionally considered as one of the largest and most beautiful compendia of ornithology in the entire history of science.

Original printed in 1657 in black and white, and later illuminated by hand. 62 copper plates, with more than 500 ornithological varieties represented, practically all of the birds known at the time.

Much of the fame and success of this book comes from the 62 copper plates engraved by the great master Mattheus Merian, who was born in Switzerland but travels all over Europe to England, where he even works in the service of the famous painter Van Dyck.

The present treatise on ornithology was the greatest success of the entire 17th century and much of the 18th, being even referenced by the great Linnaeus (Lineo) in his “Sistema Naturae”.

Facsimile bound in leather, rib spine, denim, in the purest artisan style, dry-cut, format 23.5 x 38.5 cm. 300 pages on excellent aged laid paper, conveying the feeling of having the original in your hands. Presented in a beautiful vintage leather book case with handmade water paper on both planes, 24 x 39.5 x 5.5 cm format.

Accompanied by a study book that includes the first Spanish version of the original Latin text and essays on the author, his work and his time. Hardcover bound with illustrated dust jacket. Format 23 x 38 cm. 312 pages. Presented in an illustrated cardboard bookcase, 23 x 38.5 x 4.3 cm format.

Facsimile edition carried out in 2003 and limited to 898 numbered copies with notarial deed.

This work obtained in 2004 the National Prize “Books best edited in 2003”, by the Ministry of Culture, in its form of “Facsimile Books”; and the “Fray Luis de León” Prize for the best editorial work.

Complete copy and in perfect condition.

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