The Book of Hours of Perugino, or Ghislieri Bonaparte, 1503 *****

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This facsimile is part of the Spectacular Library.
The Book of Hours of Perugino (Il Libro d’Ore del Perugino), also known as The Book of Hours by Bonaparte Ghislieri, is part of the works edited by Franco Cosimo Panini in his Imposible Library,

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The Book of Hours of Perugino (Il Libro d’Ore Perugino), also known as the Book of Hours of Bonaparte Ghislieri, is part of the works published by Franco Cosimo Panini in his Impossible Library, who once again presents a work of extraordinary beauty and qualifies itself as a miniature art gallery. A 5 star hotel in every great library!

The facsimile edition is based on the original now preserved in the British Library in London, Ms. Yates Thompson symbol 29. Dated in Italy in 1503.

In an attempt to offer a small anthology of the best he could offer the model of central Italy in those years, Ghislieri wanted to bring together some of the most famous and acclaimed artists of the time, asking each to undertake a page thumbnail complete. Between the pages of the codex we see and follow one another’s hands Amico Aspertini in the Adoration of the Shepherds, of Perugino in the image of San Sebastian, Lorenzo Costa in the King David with the harp, Francesco France in the portrait of St. Jerome and probably Matteo da Milano at the Annunciation. It is therefore this work a compendium of masterpieces of Italian Renaissance painting.

It also admirable decoration frames miniatures, full of floral motifs and classical references. In fact, several pages are surrounded by grotesque, graceful and quirky prints inspired by the decoration of the caves of Esquiline Rome, that is, in the underground remains of the Domus Aurea of ​​Nero, discovered in 1480, they acquired an immediate popular with painters of the time.

A particular mention deserves the precious binding, characterized in Moroccan leather lined with finely engraved with floral motifs on a background of multicolored silk satin. The covers are adorned with two ouches of hard stones and two central medallions with figures of the Annunciation.

limited edition of 980 numbered copies. Facsimile 274 pages with a format of 14.5 x 20.7 x 3.5 cm. Volume of comments by Massimo Medica. Presented in elegant box-case.

How could it be otherwise in all the works that make up The Impossible Library, an extraordinary, elegant and beautiful illuminated manuscript. Single copy available.

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