Book of Hours of Lorenzo de ‘Medici, s. XV (5*)


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The Book of Hours of Lorenzo de ‘Medici (Il Libro d’Ore di Lorenzo de’ Medici), is the jewel of the Florentine miniature. Original preserved in the Medicea Laurenziana Library (Ms. Ashburnam 1874) of Florence (Italy).

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The Book of Hours of Lorenzo de Medici (Il Libro d’Ore di Lorenzo de ‘Medici), is the jewel of Florentine miniature. Original preserved in the Laurentian Library (Ms. Ashburnam 1874) of Florence (Italy). Belonging to The Impossible Project Library editor Franco Cosimo Panini Italian edition. A 5 star in every great library!

The codex is one of the five “libriccini delli offitii, di donna” (ie, small Books of Hours meant for women only) mentioned in the inventory drawn up in 1492 after the death of Lorenzo de ‘Medici, who must order them as gift daughters wedding.

Since this definition with the words “women” conjures up something small and beautiful at the same time, like a jewel, conceived to bring up its pages leave the delicate fingers of a Renaissance lady. Slightly larger than a modern postcard (measured in effect only 10 x 15 cm), the codex Ashburnam 1874 is impressive and even before opening its covers for his extraordinary purple velvet binding with golden studs and corners silver filigree, in which are crimped on each cover a large lapis lazuli and four pink crystals. All elements of this codex denote a source and a prestigious destination, from binding and melodious writing until very refined set attributed to Francesco Rosselli, engraving artist, miniador, cartographer and artist, along with thumbnails of Francesco di Antonio Chierico was the greatest exponent of the Florentine school. Each of the 233 leaves of the manuscript contains at least one element, an initial or a border that decorates the text, set the page following the strictest harmonic canons of art decorating books.

Comment: As with all fax machines, the Book of Hours of Lorenzo de Medici editions is also accompanied by a volume of scientists in charge of leading experts and scholars in the field comments. The volume, written during the development of the work and therefore updated with the latest results obtained during the photographic campaign, gives an insight into all aspects of the historical and artistic events of the codex, also providing a comprehensive record codicological and a detailed comparative study on the pages of the precious manuscript.

Facsimile edition of luxury, format 10 x 15 cm. 472 pages. Original inlaid with semiprecious stones. Safety case for better conservation.
Book up study in Italian, format 17 x 24 cm. 304 pages.

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