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1502 The Charter of Cantino, world map (facsimile)

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Cantino Charter is unanimously regarded as the most beautiful world map of the early Renaissance. In it the recent discovery of America plasma. It was lit in Portugal in 1502, shortly after the voyages of Columbus and Vespucci, six rolls combined for a total of 220 x 105 cm.

1525 Castiglioni Planisphere


The World Map Castiglioni is a great menu, prepared by a total of four rolls that make total dimensions of 214 x 81.5 cm. In the original title, the first adjective indicates the description of the world that he had in 1525 and according to the particular technique used by the cartographer.

Book of Hours of Modena, year 1390


The so-called Book of Hours of Modena is an extraordinary masterpiece of Italian Gothic. Illuminated manuscript on parchment, 1390, 15×21 cm, 544 pages, embroidered cap.