Sphaerae coelestis et planetarum descriptio (De Sphaera) – Sphere. c. 1470 *****

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Scenes from the daily life of the first Renaissance. The image of the scientific world of the Renaissance. Splendid work of art and precious document of historical culture. Considered the best illustrated book of astrology of the Renaissance.

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Exemplary corresponding to the 2016 edition, distributed in Spain by the publishing Heritage. Great book study in Italian and another small Spanish. A 5 star hotel in every great library!

Scenes of daily life of the early Renaissance. The image of the scientific world of the Renaissance. Superb artwork and precious document of historical culture. These and other phrases have been dedicated to the codex entitled De Sphaera, created around 1470. It is considered the best astrology book illustrated the Renaissance.

For a long time neither the title nor the author of this beautiful masterpiece was not known. Today we know that the author of the stunning miniatures is Christoforo de Predis, who places a look at different areas of daily life of the Renaissance. The scenes revolve around the central theme of the play: the planets. Astrology was one of the oldest sciences. its origins are unknown, about the beginning of its history made of poetry and magic, myths and legends, mathematical laws, research and discoveries. They are persuaded that the stars and the moon were the source of mysterious forces that determined natural phenomena such as the passage of day and night, eclipses of the sun and moon, the cycle of the four seasons and the tides. Announced by the position of the stars, all these phenomena were repeated periodically. Throughout the history of man, the sky and its secrets occupied the greatest scientists of his time.

De Sphaera manuscript contains 15 lavish miniatures each of which occupy an entire page. Represent the planets after the conceptions of time, revolve around the Earth, namely Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. Astronomical cards also show the relationship between the sphere of the Earth and the sky sphere as well as explanations on the phases of the Moon and climate data. each planet is juxtaposed to a constellation, so two exceptional views of landscapes, cities or interior spaces made very realistically.

The first facsimile edition of 1995 numbered and limited to 980 copies, is exhausted. The 32-page illuminated manuscript format 24.5 x 17 cm., Included a total of 15 miniatures 9 astronomical drawings and a climatic box, all faithfully reproduced the original. Red leather bookbinding craft production is equipped with the coats of arms of the Sforza and Visconti.

Italian publisher has made in 2016 a second edition of this extraordinary codex, made with the latest technological advances. The facsimile of the codex is presented in a fine velvet bag, old-fashioned, and also gives a display case methacrylate. The book Italian study has been expanded and improved. It is also accompanied by a small booklet study Spanish.

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